All You Need To Know About Outside the Waistband Holsters

Why do you prefer OWB? 

An OWB offers a good foundation for learning when you first learn to draw from a holster, which is more than just picking and taking the weapon out. It offers you an opportunity to consider the retention, trigger safety and fit of firearms. When learning about and buying gun holsters, there is plenty to think about. While you do not wear your OWB all the time, when you need it, it is a nice piece of equipment to have.

It is also important to know that almost all basic handgun classes that use a holster require the holster to be an outside waistband, on your strong side hip sort of holster, since you are going to take classes. If you live in a state that permits open carry, a decent quality OWB is also a solid option. So they’re a safe investment that you’re going to use when you develop your handgun abilities.

Made up Materials 

Leather: Leather is an alternative material for holsters beyond the waistband. Often, much like a pair of good leather shoes, a new leather holster will be really snug and will break in and become easier to draw from with wear.

Nylon holsters: are a less costly choice. Many teachers would not encourage students in a class to use a nylon holster because they can be very flimsy and sometimes have no sort of retention because they are basically a pocket that fits on your waistband.

Adjustable OWB Holster

Paddle: There is a large flat piece of paddle holster, generally plastic, which slips over your pants’ waistband and rests against your body, between your pants and your side. Some people wear these without a belt at all effectively, but that depends on how durable the pants are. Using the paddle holster with a belt makes it really secure.

Loops: There are other looped holsters that allow a belt to thread through. The content of the belt itself becomes important in the case of the belt holster. The belt holster, plus the weapon with a full magazine, will not carry a flimsy belt or a belt that is too thin. In order to carry the gun holsters, allow the weight distribution of the weapon to make it not only safer but a little more comfortable to wear, the belt must therefore be made of a durable material.

The Cant

The angle of the weapon on your hip refers to Cant. When referring to an OWB worn on the powerful side thigh, there are essentially two separate potential cants, a neutral cant or vertical cant and a forward cant, also known as positive cant or FBI cant.

Neutral Cant: The neutral cant is the holster on the hip in a clear vertical position, keeping the weapon in a position straight up and down.

Forward Cant: The forward cant rotates the firearm’s grip to a location approximately 20 degrees from the vertical line. The grip is more forward with this can’t, while the muzzles are pointed back just a little rather than straight on the ground as with the neutral cant.

Although the neutral cant is common in schools, out on the range and in an open carrying scenario, if you want to conceal carrying with an outside waistband holster, the forward cant generally makes concealment a little simpler.

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