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All you need to know about Academic writing?

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What is Academic Writing? Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous and comprehensive definition. The main reason for this is that the different scientific disciplines and the different genres used in the scientific world each have their own requirements for a text. You can, however, say that argumentation, content level and reference to sources are very important aspects of an academic text.

Plagiarism is always out of the question. Quoting and paraphrasing is common in scientific texts; the condition is that it is done carefully and if you know the rules, it is not difficult. Finding the right style and tone is more difficult.

In addition to these text characteristics, the process of academic writing is a different story. A text is created in the interaction between thinking and writing. The content of an academic text is extremely complex. This has an effect in the process of ordering, defining and formulating. An academic writer spends a lot of time and attention on this. You can also visit for great deals.


In the natural sciences, the demands placed on scientific texts are the most strict and universal. Reports of experiments have a fixed structure, of which "introduction", "method", "results" and "discussion/conclusion" are invariably part.

In the social sciences and humanities, a writer usually has more freedom to determine the structure of his text himself. In those sciences, compared to the natural sciences, there is less widely known and shared theories, which justifies that a writer pays a little more attention to theory and scientific embedding. For example in a review chapter or paragraph. So always orient yourself on the conventions that apply in your field. If you cannot find an answer, ask your teacher for an explanation or look for examples.


Each genre has its own requirements. Genres include articles, essays, presentations, papers, research reports and theses. One genre is more extensive than another, one is more descriptive and the other more opinion-forming, and each genre has its own purpose, target group and structure. Elsewhere on this site you will find further information on specific genres such as the essay and research report, text objectives, target groups and structure. Before you start looking for information and before you start writing, you would do well to find out what your teacher's intention is and to realize for whom you are writing.


A good academic text is aimed at answering a scientific question. Formulating and presenting a clear and meaningful question is, so to speak, half the battle. Originality can do a lot of good, for example by asking an unexpected question or by offering a new perspective on old things. The answer to the question then runs like a thread through the entire text.

Academic texts are complex. This is primarily due to scientific matter; it is simply of a high level. The trick is to present this matter in a clear way: the reader must be able to follow all your thought steps.

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