All About Theta: How to Get Started

Theta is a new decentralized video streaming protocol that has quickly gained popularity. The coin was launched in January 2018 and the buy price started at $0.03 per coin with an all-time high of $1.75 in May 2018 before it dropped to its current buy price of $0.015 per coin as of October 31, 2018. This blog will explore what Theta means, how to buy theta coin on, and why you should buy Theta coins.

What are theta coins?

The idea behind the project was to create an incentivized, “incentivized mesh network that serves today’s internet content like YouTube and Netflix,” according to their white paper.

How does one buy Theta coins on

Users can purchase Theta coins at a rate of 0.015 per coin and the smallest amount that one can buy is 1000 tokens.

Why should someone buy Theta coins?

The main use case for buying Theta coins on Uphold will be to get access to exclusive content, like live streams from esports tournaments or behind-the-scenes footage from popular YouTube channels.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

There are many steps in buying cryptocurrency, but these five will get you started:

-Decide what type of currency you want to buy

-Find an exchange where people trade currencies.

-Verify your identity by providing documents like photo ID or proof of address with utility bills showing both names and addresses; this step may take days or weeks, so plan accordingly when using exchanges based outside North America if it’s necessary for purchases over USD 250 (or equivalent)

-Send funds from whatever payment method you choose to the selected exchange

-Find the currency you want to buy and trade for an amount that is within your budget, although it may be cheaper per coin if you buy more than one.

-After buying cryptocurrency, send funds from whatever payment method to a secure wallet of your choice where they will remain as long-term storage.

How to buy a Theta coin with a credit card?

-Create an account and agree to the terms of use. This will require government-issued ID verification for purchases over USD 250 (or equivalent).

-Visit your dashboard and click “Funds” then select “Deposit from Cards” on the left-hand side menu bar at the top; this is where you enter all necessary credit card information, including the type of card, expiration date, security code, etc., before clicking deposit funds or transfer funds if you want to send money via another method like a wire transfer. When it prompts you about how much to deposit into your account in US dollars ask yourself: How many coins do I want to buy? Remember, 1000 is the minimum amount.

-Once you enter how many coins you want to purchase and click “deposit” your card will be charged with that much money in USD so make sure it does not exceed the maximum limit set on your credit card before clicking deposit funds or transfer funds.

Theta coin should show up within four hours for those who are verified as well as unverified users depending on bank processing times.

What makes this different from other cryptocurrencies?

The main difference between Theta Coin and other cryptocurrencies is its focus on video streaming services like YouTube or Netflix which have a hefty bandwidth cost associated with them; if there’s no incentive given by stakeholders then the high price of these content providers will inhibit the adoption of Theta Coin.

How to convert your Ethereum into Theta coins?

-The easiest way to convert your Ethereum into Theta coins is by using a service like ShapeShift.

-Visit the site, select “Ethereum” and enter how much ETH you want to be converted into THETA. You can then send this amount of eTHETA over to Uphold for storage or trade on exchanges that support it.

What can one do with their Ethereum once they have converted them into Theta Coins?

Users who have made their Ethereum into Theta Coins can use their eTHETA to purchase a lot of different services including apps, games, and in-game content. They can also use the coins to pay for subscriptions of various kinds like Netflix, Twitch Prime, or YouTube Premium.

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