Aesthetic or aesthetic dentistry is a specialization of dentistry – health science.

Definition of cosmetic dentistry

If you are not acquainted with this word, aesthetic dentistry or dental cosmetics refers to a specialization targeted at alleviating issues connected to oral health and its aesthetics. In other words, it strives to provide aesthetic harmony to a healthy mouth.

Importance of dental aesthetics

The mouth is one of the facial elements that attract the most attention and causes an impact on people. In addition to being a unique characteristic of humans, the smile works as a letter of introduction. Your status can tell other people a lot about you.

When a person feels comfortable with their mouth and their smile, they transmit a lot of confidence. But in the opposite case, it is common for him to feel insecure, especially in face-to-face conversations.

The most common reasons a person may feel self-conscious about their smile are the color of their teeth (yellowish), their poor alignment, the presence of diastemas, and some fracture or break.

But each of these problems can be solved through a specific cosmetic dentistry treatment. In this way, you can regain confidence in yourself and significantly improve the appearance of your mouth and face.

How does a cosmetic dentist work?

To achieve the best results for their patients, a cosmetic dentist must comply with a series of basic procedures before performing any treatment.

The first thing is to identify the needs of the patient. This is done through a diagnostic review and by asking you a series of questions related to the aesthetics of your mouth.

Then you must take records of all aspects of the oral region that you want to treat. They usually do this through different types of x-rays and photographs.

These images will be analyzed to present the patient with a diagnosis. As well as possible aesthetic dental methods or treatments that would help improve your case.

Even in many aesthetic dental centers, they show patients the possible results of the treatments through digital models. This increases their confidence but, in turn, makes them aware of their current status.

Objectives of aesthetic dentistry

Indeed, on some occasions, you have heard the statement “The smile: your finest cover letter.” And it is an entirely actual term, as a beautiful, careful grin coupled with many other traits may open many doors for us. So much so that every day many more individuals have cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental aesthetics (odontologia estetica) strives to enhance the smile. It is responsible for altering the image or color of the teeth. Using this sort of method can also adjust the dimension of the gums.

One of the aims of this dentistry branch is to keep the natural beauty of the teeth. It is about producing improvements in the aesthetics of the teeth while preserving the naturalness or aesthetics of the teeth, that is, that improvements occur without becoming artificial. The objective is that the rest of the people notice the beauty of your smile, that they know that it is attractive and that it is cared for, but that they do not perceive negatively that you have had treatments.

Dental aesthetic treatments

This form of dentistry involves anything from a simple correction of the color of the teeth to the replacement of missing teeth. There is a vast array of treatments available to enhance dental function and the smile’s beauty.

Among the most prevalent aesthetic dentistry procedures are:

  • Orthodontics is a therapy that replaces teeth and dental arches to restore equilibrium in the structure and function of the mouth and face, which also enhances facial attractiveness.
  • Implantology is a surgical procedure that replaces teeth in poor condition or those that have fallen out with prostheses. The prostheses are put on the implants positioned in the gums. The prosthesis has the look of healthy teeth, which has a noticeable cosmetic advantage.
  • Tooth whitening is a technique conducted to lighten the color of the teeth when they have gotten dark and yellowish. It may be done in the clinic or outpatient but always under expert supervision.

Aesthetic dentistry should complement each patient’s overall health and dental health, as enhancing the smile may have highly gratifying outcomes in terms of raising people’s confidence and self-esteem.

In addition to attempting to maintain and preserve the function of the teeth, today, most dental treatments include an implicit aesthetic aspect. Consequently, sections of dentistry, such as orthodontics, implantology, or conservative dentistry, are also part of aesthetic dentistry.

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