A Trip to Chennai – Gateway to the South

Famously known as the “The Detroit of India” and situated on the Bay of Bengal’s Coromandel coast, Chennai is as vibrant as it is immersed in tradition. Also, a vibrant Indian city, Chennai, remains home to numerous sea coasts, newly developed markets, British colonial architecture, and some of the ancient temples in the world. With temples sprinkling the city’s skyline, this metropolitan city is known to conserve India’s glorious religious architecture and holds a unique way of life.

Likewise, home to the second-largest beachfront in the world, Marina beach, Chennai draws thousands of visitors from various parts of India, especially Bangalore, given its proximity. So if you live in or near Bangalore and planning a fun weekend getaway, Chennai is the place to be that you can readily explore via booking a comfortable Bangalore to Chennai Taxi.

Top scenic attractions in Chennai

The beautiful city of Chennai is marked by mythical tales that attract delighted and truth-seeking travelers worldwide. Here are some prominent sightseeing attractions in Chennai that offer an unforgettable experience.

  • Marina Beach

Exhausted from the humid heat of Chennai? Marina Beach can be your perfect escapade. Stretching 13 kilometers from the well-known St. George Fort to Mahabalipuram, this scenic beach enjoys the endless spotlight of both sightseers and locals for being the second-longest natural beachfront globally.

Furthermore, the old lighthouse, serene coast, park, aquarium, and various adventure sports add charm to this beach. Besides, after taking a calm stroll or indulging in thrilling water sports, you can enjoy a lip-smacking fish curry at one of the sea shacks here.

  • Ashtalakshmi Temple

Believed to be an abode of the Goddess of Wealth and Knowledge, Lakshmi, the Ashtalakshmi Temple is located a few kilometers from the famous Besant Beach. Built to honor the eight avatars of Goddess Lakshmi, the sacred atmosphere of this temple is bound to leave you feeling calm. And you know the fascinating part of this place? The ocean waves reverberate in the temple premises, making it all the more relaxed.

  • The Ripon building

The Ripon Building, monumentalized with an ancient significance, was built in the early 19th century. Named after one Governor-General of British-governed India, this place is a prominent and must-visit landmark of Chennai. Located near Chennai’s main railway station, the automated chiming clock is the central attraction at the Ripon building. Likewise, the captivating white design depicts an excellent example of mid-19th-century architecture.

  • Mylapore

Do you wish to soak in the vibrant and lively culture of Chennai? Head straight to Mylapore, considered Chennai’s artistic hub, boasting a glorious history of roughly 1500 years! Whether it is captivating temples you are planning to visit or delectable South Indian treats to feast on, Mylapore has it all! All this, coupled with endless choices for shopping, makes it one of the finest entertainment sites in Chennai.

  • The broken bridge

After collapsing in 1977, this shattered bridge is marked as mysterious and haunted. According to ancient tales, this place became a famous tourist attraction in Chennai due to the historical collapse and the haunted rumors. Sightseers from far and near visit this site to witness its breathtaking structure and the fascinating sunset from the coast.

Overall, visiting all these captivating places in Chennai will unquestionably give you memories to cherish for a lifetime. So next time you wish to plan a quick getaway, book an airport taxi in Bangalore and take a flight to Chennai for the unmatched experience that awaits you.

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