A Methodical Outline for the Craft of Writing Creative Essays

Start with a blank slate and work your way up through the steps of the process.

As soon as you have decided on a topic for your creative writing essay, the next step is to organise your thoughts so that you can write the essay.

It is important to organise your thoughts by participating in a full brainstorming session before beginning to write about what you have discovered. If you are looking for custom writing services, please visit our website.

Make a decision about the fundamental architecture.

Determine how your story will begin, how it will end, and the events that will take place in between the beginning and the end. Also, you need to figure out what will take place in the meantime. In your opinion, what is the strategy that will be most effective in demonstrating your persona to the audience?

How do you plan to wrap everything up and put an end to it all? What course of action do you intend to take?

Create a first pass at the original edition’s rough draught.

After you have written down your views, review them to see if there are any aspects of them that may be improved, and if there are, make the necessary changes. It would be a good idea to remove rid of anything in the narrative that doesn’t contribute anything to the larger storyline at this point in time.

The very first step in the process

When you have finished formulating your plan, it is time to get down to business and begin writing your essay. Some authors believe that beginning their work with a title and building their story around the structure that the title provides is the most effective method. It might be challenging for some people to come up with a name for the book before they have even finished reading it all the way through.


Not only the settings and the characters themselves are developed at this stage, but also the relationships between the various characters.

Foreshadowing may be accomplished by doing something as simple as having a character watch an episode of Quantum Leap while you are writing the beginning of the book. This can be done while you are working on the beginning of the novel. This is something that can be done regardless of whether or not you know what will happen later on in the book.

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