A look at how David Thomson & family have diversified their investments

The Thomson family has a long and impressive history of investing and diversifying their vast wealth mediaboosternig. The family patriarch, David Thomson, is Canada’s wealthiest individual, with assets estimated to be worth nearly C$40 billion. Over the years, the family has used their resources to make investments in a variety of industries and asset classes, ranging from real estate and media to technology and finance. The family’s diversification strategy is one of the key reasons for their success mrlitterbox. By diversifying their investments, they have been able to spread the risk and reduce their exposure to any one sector or asset class. One of the most prominent investments made by the family is in the media industry. David Thomson’s father, Roy Thomson, established the Thomson Corporation in 1967, which went on to become one of the largest newspaper publishers in the world techgesu. The family has since invested in a number of media companies, including CTV, The Globe and Mail, and The National Post, giving them a major presence in the Canadian media landscape. In addition to the media industry, the family has also diversified their investments into financial services. They are the majority shareholders of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the fifth largest bank in Canada indiancelebrity. They also own a significant stake in the TD Bank Group and hold a controlling stake in the online brokerage firm Interactive Brokers. The family has also made investments in the technology sector, including stakes in companies such as Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Shopify. They also own a significant stake in the software company SAP and have invested heavily in a number of venture capital firms. Finally, the family has also made significant investments in real estate. They own numerous properties in Canada and abroad, including the family’s private estate in Toronto. They also own a number of resorts and hotels, including the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto. By diversifying their investments across industries and asset classes, the Thomson family has been able to ensure their wealth is protected and continues to grow. Their strategy of diversification has allowed them to remain at the top of the list of Canada’s wealthiest individuals for decades.

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