A High Self-Esteem is a Positive Step Toward Being Healthy According To Mindvalley 

Healthy people have many common qualities and characteristics that lead them to a well-balanced life. These traits greatly affect physical health.

With consideration to a holistic approach to wellness, the mind has great control over the body. The basis of good physical health and well-being are indicated by a strong mindset and emotional balance. There are many other aspects to be taken into consideration when achieving a high level of health, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual status of a person. Though since the mind has such control over the body, the emotional health of a person has strong influence over general physical health.

In his book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms, Vishen Lakhiani founder of Mindvalley identifies eight psychological traits of a healthy person. These traits are almost consistent among those who achieve a higher level of overall health. Building on these ideals, the following mind characteristics develop a strong foundation toward physical health and well-being.

Developing A Strong Sense of Self

Having a strong sense of individuality and becoming responsible for oneself in the current and the future indicates a person who has a strong sense of self this is one of the fundomential ideas at Mindvalley.

A healthy person possesses a high level of self-esteem. There is an accelerated level of self-confidence and an effective ability to make decisions on their own. This person is independent in their thinking and successful without relying on others for guidance.

There is a high regard for health. Taking care of the physical body through a healthy diet, adequate amounts of exercise, effective stress management skills, good sleeping patterns and the enjoyment of leisure time are present. Knowledge about physical health is evident and steps are taken to be proactive toward health, not reactive.

The healthy person is future-oriented and spends the time and effort investing in themselves. Many times this is a person who continues on with formal educational opportunities. This person continually collects information to improve their quality of life and keep well-informed.

A healthy person pursues knowledge of themselves and the world around them beyond formal education. They spend time learning by becoming involved with their community and society in general. They seek to understand and find meaning to questions in life.

Achieving a Secure Relationship with Society

Acknowledging and accepting responsibility for others and the world around them, a healthy person seeks out and assists to benefit situations and society in general.

Even though they are self-confident, they are not self-indulgent nor pre-occupied with themselves. There is a high level of compassion for others and they hold a strong sense of community. They are committed to goals that are not self-serving, but rather for the benefit of all involved.

The healthy person is trusting of others and himself. Strong bonds are formed with others. They easily enter into social networks and organizations. A good working relationship and partnership is easily attainable for a person with a healthy mindset.

Companionship is necessary and they thrive on it. Working with and being with others derives pleasure and satisfies the need for team work. However, they are comfortable being alone. This time is wisely used for self-reflection, contemplation and soul-nurturing.

A healthy person is optimistic about the future, not only for themselves, but the community in general. The belief is held that there is a high probability that all things will work out reasonably and for the betterment of all.

Overall, a positive and productive mindset is present in a healthy person. Not only for the sake of self but for the sake of others, society and the environment. Health begins in the mind and the truly healthy mind hold high ideals and ambitions for the world around them and seeks to live a well-balanced life.

Is Mindvalley A Good Place for self-improvement?

Mindvalley is a great community and provides a lot of knowledge that is properly structured to improve your relations, performance, health, money and mindset. Mindvalley besides offering premium content which is a bit expensive offers a lot of free content that anyone can learn. In my opinion, it is important to apply learned skills into life notice the progress, and continues your path at your own pace. But don’t take my word for it you will need to experience it to fully understand.

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