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A Guide to CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

Has your dog started limping? Has it suddenly lost a lot of weight? These symptoms might be indicators of arthritis, dental issues, or other medical conditions. Nevertheless, such behavior is sometimes a warning of a more serious health issue like cancer. 

Unfortunately, this aggressive disease doesn’t spare canines. A large number of pets, especially senior dogs, don’t survive the exhausting battle with this deadly enemy. So, you can use CBD oil for dogs in case they are suffering from cancer.

Have a look at the types of malignancy in dogs, the early warning signs, and the role of CBD oil in the treatment. 


Canines aren’t an exception when it comes to developing cancer. These lovely creatures are largely affected by this deadly disease, which affects nearly fifty percent of dogs after the age of ten. Hemangiosarcoma is an incurable type of tumor affecting the blood vessels of canines, growing in different parts of their bodies. 

Additionally, middle-aged and senior pets are most likely to develop this malignancy regardless of the breed. German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, however, are mostly predisposed to suffering from hemangiosarcoma. Read here about the stages and symptoms of hemangiosarcoma in dogs. 

Liver cancer is known to affect both older and younger dogs, showing no obvious symptoms until the disease progresses to the late stages. Although it’s caused by multiple tumors, liver cancer is confined to the liver, not spreading to the other body parts. 

Lymphoma is unquestionably the most frequently diagnosed malignancy in dogs. The lymph nodes and lymphatic system are where the tumors are found. Canines between the age of six and nine are considered the riskiest group, especially Golden Retrievers.

Breast cancer refers to the tumors that develop in the mammary glands. These creatures have ten mammary glands and such tumors can grow in any of them. Needless to say, female dogs are more likely to suffer from this type of malignancy, mostly those that aren’t spayed after they turn two. A couple of breeds are predisposed to developing breast cancer, such as terriers, poodles, and English setters. 

Melanoma is another frequent form of malignancy in canines, originating from their skin cells. Although radiation therapy is the most implemented treatment, many pet owners have started using CBD for this purpose. There are numerous types of full-spectrum CBD oil for puppies and older dogs, specially formulated for pets. Cannabidiol is helpful in preventing melanoma from spreading to different body areas. 

In addition, oral melanoma develops inside the oral cavities of dogs, affecting their lips and gums. It mostly appears in senior dogs, mainly those with dark pigmentation in the mouth area. Many breeds are at risk of suffering from oral melanoma, such as Cocker spaniels, German Shepherds, Chow Chow, Golden retrievers, Boxers, etc. 

Early signs

There are numerous early warning signs of cancer in canines, which pet parents should identify in order to save the lives of their beloved companions. For example, lumps and bumps appearing under the skin are unmistakable signs. Since you can’t assess whether the lump is benign or malign, a vet visit is considered obligatory. 

Another warning symptom of malignancy in dogs is the presence of non-healing wounds. These sores are an indicator the immune system of your lovely pet is fighting an infection or even worse cancer. Sudden weight loss is another sign your companion might be having a tumor. Sometimes, a rapid drop in kilograms might indicate a dental problem that prevents your pet from eating. Always consult a veterinarian when noticing the first signs of lack of appetite and weight loss. 

Coughing is a symptom worth considering, given the fact canines aren’t prone to colds like humans are. Any breathing difficulties and severe coughing should be checked by a vet. Additionally, pain is a common indication of malignancy in pets, leading to lameness, lethargy, and limping. Follow this link,, to check out the cancer warning signs you need to keep an eye out for. 

The role of CBD oil

CBD oil has become one of the leading weapons in the fight against canine cancer. This product not only alleviates the symptoms of this aggressive disease but also prolongs survival time and improves the efficiency of chemotherapy and radiation in dogs. In terms of symptom alleviation, CBD oil is phenomenal in the elimination of nausea and neuropathic pain, which accompany this lethal disease. 

Moreover, cannabidiol prolongs the lifetime of canines by slowing the growth of cancerous cells and impeding metastases. Its role in retarding the process of tumor growth allows pet parents to enjoy the company of their fluffy friends for a little longer. Also, CBD oil increases the sensitivity of cancerous cells, which benefits traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Chemo fights cancer cells by using medications, whereas radiation combats them with x-rays. 

Cannabidiol not only slows down malign cell growth but also destroys them. It deprives these cells of the ability to produce energy while encouraging the immune system to increase the production of killer cells. This cannabinoid is also boasted for the effect it has on the GPR55 cannabinoid receptor. GPR55 is infamous for inducing cancer cell growth. Nevertheless, CBD blocks this receptor and benefits the health of animals. 

The bottom line

Always look out for cancer symptoms in your pet. 

Provide him/her with a chance to fight and live a happy life!

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