A Guide To Buying Your First Motorbike

The thrill of purchasing your new car will stay with you forever. The research work to be done as well as the anticipation made it worth it. Some people are enthusiastic about cars while others do not care as much. Either way, purchasing your first car will still be an exhilarating experience. In the modern world, even more, research work is to be done in cars. They are being manufactured using all sorts of new technology such as plastic molding. There is only one thing that comes close to the thrill of buying your first car. That is, of course, purchasing your first motorcycle. 

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Many dedicated riders say that riding a motorcycle is significantly more electrifying than a car. To test out this theory, some will end up buying a motorcycle themselves. This will involve lots of research work and determination beforehand. This makes buying your first motorcycle just as sensational as buying your first car if not more so. That being said, research work and patience are required. Research in terms of the type of bike as well as an assessment of your needs. Fortunately, below is a compiled list of factors to research beforehand. These factors are summarised and presented as a guide to buying your first bike. 

Driving Needs

Before you can even figure out the size and cost of the bike, figure out what you need it for. There are different bikes fitted for different lifestyles. This means variety but getting an offroading bike and using it to get to work just looks bad. You won’t be maximizing your riding experience and likely be spending more. 

Hence, figure out what you will be needing the bike for. This means checking to see how you will allocate your time to the bike. Would you be needing it for work, long rides, or pure offroading? This limits your choice to a few options that are best suited to that type of riding. Most of the unnecessary research work will be avoided and you won’t get made fun of. 


Keep your options open and don’t limit yourself to one bike. It is common to find new bikes come and go in the local markets. Having an eye set on a specific one may involve ordering it from other cities or internationally. This will be both costly and give no guarantee you like the bike either. Our recommendation is to wait for it to be available nearby or broaden your options. 

Similarly, this is where you should consider whether you want a new or used bike too. Investing in a newer bike gives you the feeling of using all the bells and whistles for the first time. This could prove to be a more expensive option though. Going for a used one may allow you to get the bike you want or a higher-powered one for cheap. The downside is that maintenance work will be variable and on average bikes require lots of maintenance. 


This is the final thing you need to finalize when it comes to self-assessment. The amount you are willing to spend will nail down the options you have. Bikes come in all sorts of options and budgets. Apart from the cost of the motorbike, insurance and warranty is something to invest in. Prepare to spend more than what you have originally allocated to the bike. It is also necessary to finalize a reliable part supplier. This will help in motorcycle parts fabrication whenever necessary. 

Once the deal is finalized, the cost does not end there. Maintaining the bike and making sure it is in pristine condition requires cost too. Investing in garage equipment beforehand may lead to fewer trips to the mechanic. Learning a thing or two about bike maintenance can save you a lot too. Taking care of the motorbike is much like maintaining your garden which you can find more about at guyaboutohome

Size And Power 

When it comes to the actual motorbike itself, the size and power matter most. Getting a bigger-sized motorbike may make it harder to traverse on. Apart from getting on and off, turning the bike may prove to be a chore too. This is why you must pick a motorbike size that is fit for you. This also includes the suspension as well as the seat height too.

In terms of power, farm motorbikes for sale have ample power to zoom through roads. The higher-powered ones may prove harder to control at fast. It is recommended to go for bikes that are built for comfort. As a first bike, these will be easier to control and have a leaner learning curve.


Gear is not to be considered optional accessories. Many laws state that safety gear is mandatory for riding motorcycles. A durable helmet alongside elbow and knee caps is a must. When riding for the first time, your safety should be your priority. Taking care of yourself comes first and you should invest in safety gear to guarantee that. 

Other accessories can include optional installments such as a phone mount or a camera mount. Motorbikes are easily customizable and you can often change the paint job of one. 


Riding a motorbike and feeling the air against your face is one of the best feelings in the world. These feelings are amplified when you purchase a bike that feels like it was made for you. Make sure to take into account all of the above factors and choose something you love. 

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