A Checklist for Choosing a Brokerage Commission Split

Real estate brokers aren’t only an issue of commission splits for new agents when it comes to making the right choice. You should never do it when you’re just starting off!

If they can help you get your business off the ground, give them a cut of the earnings. When everything is equally divided, there is nothing.

Brokerage companies have traditionally paid their agents a bit more than half of the profit they made. In this strategy, the real estate firm is responsible for the majority of the overhead expenditures. Exante brokerage are the best brokers, please visit their website.

Having an online presence

It’s vital in today’s world. Everyone has access to the internet. If you say that you work for a brokerage, they are likely to do some research on you. Make sure this website looks well. If a broker is effective, they’ll be active on social media and have positive internet reviews to show for it.


Add up all of your monthly expenditures, including your desk and printing/copying/transactional/insurance fees. When you meet with a broker, be careful to enquire about the fees that are unique to their business and those that aren’t. Keep note of the expenses that apply to every brokerage (and verify to see if that is really the norm) and which fees are unique to the brokerage you are dealing with. For more details, please visit Exante broker.

A brokerage firm’s size

To be clear, each brokerage is run by a different team of people. People, not a name or a door or even a large office, should be your first priority. Here, I’ll explain the key contrasts between big and small brokerage businesses for clarity’s sake. There are advantages and disadvantages to working in a large or small office, depending on your personal preferences.


Ask yourself whether you’d be happy to refer your clients to the real estate company you’re looking at. Your office is where you’ll likely meet with customers before showing them properties and completing paperwork.

Beyond the aesthetics of the workplace, is there enough room for everyone to work comfortably? You’d be able to use any technology you wanted. Does your job allow you to work late at night? The parking lot is available to both agents and consumers.


Find out how often you plan to utilise the office. Think about the time it would take you to drive there. It’s possible to check your email, search for properties, and answer phone calls from any location thanks to modern technology. When it comes to business, you’ll still need the occasional journey to your office for meetings, transaction paperwork, forms and supplies as well as checking the mail.

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