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A Buyer’s Guide to Coloured Radiators

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A white radiator is the standard in many homes. For some interior design palettes, this is just fine. However, not all homes are minimalist white, so why should our radiators be? Previously, we may not have considered updating our radiators when redecorating but with the introduction of far more styles and colours on the market, and with radiators becoming a more celebrated feature of the room, more of us are opting for bolder and brighter radiator designs.

Is it Easy to Swap to a Coloured Radiator?

Yes! If you select a new radiator which is the right size to make use of your existing pipe configuration, then replacing an old, tired radiator with a new, exciting radiator is easier than you think. Even if you wish to move the pipes, this is a relatively simple job for a qualified plumber.

Because coloured radiators are in greater demand , the best designer radiator manufacturers, such as Stelrad, will have a wide range in all different sizes ready for you to explore.

Which Colours are Available?

Think of a colour and, more than likely, you will be able to find a radiator to match.

If you don’t want to stray too far from white, you can opt for creams or pale greys.

Metallics are easy to match with various décor preferences. Try silver for more modern homes, gold for period homes, or consider copper for either one.

Future proof your colour choice by opting for a hue that will complement a wide range of colour palettes, should you decide to change your interior design. A strong grey, soft green or dark blue may be viable choices depending on the colours you tend to use in your home.

If you’re a trendsetting, bold designer then go all out with a bright yellow, orange, or red. These will make a strong design statement and provide an uplifting pop of colour.

What Coloured Radiator Designs are There?

The obvious choice of radiator design for a coloured radiator is a modern design, such as a vertical radiator. These radiators are designed to be features in a room. Opting for one in a striking colour adds to the design impact.

Modern or traditional, depending on the model you chose, a panel radiator is particularly effective for adding a solid block of powerful colour.

However, merging a traditional radiator, like a column radiator, with a contemporary colour such as red or purple, works well for certain interior design schemes. For example, a grandmillennial living room would be enhanced by a deep green column radiator while a bright pink column radiator would be right at home in a cottage core bathroom.

Does the Colour of a Radiator Affect its Heat Output?

The answer is yes, but not enough to take heat output into account when picking a colour. The difference in heat output between a black and a white radiator is only around 1%, certainly not worth changing your home décor for. Go with the colour that works with and adds to your interior design, and makes your home style feel most complete.

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