A Brief Overview of the Ajax Systems

Ajax works by enabling your website to send and receive data using XML. It is done through a set of objects called XMLHttpRequest. The request and response objects communicate through calling methods and message passing. Here are the components of Ajax. If you need to know more, continue reading. You will discover the benefits and use cases of Ajax.

iBeacon technology

iBeacon is a form of beacon technology developed by Apple that enables users to establish a connection with a mobile application. It uses Bluetooth LE technology to communicate with other iOS devices, which can trigger an action when the device is within the zone of reach of the iBeacon sensor. The following steps show how the Ajax application on an iPhone can use iBeacon technology.

Ajax main is a radio communication device that uses Jeweller protocols to connect with other devices. Its communication range is 2 kilometers when in line of sight. Each device uses its frequency. The system can help up to 100 devices, which is enough to ensure the safety of any private house. Ajax Systems is working on estimating the scope of work for HomeKit and Amazon Echo support.

SpaceControl key fob

The SpaceControl mobile key fob resembles a traditional alarm key fob. It’s made of black or white plastic, and it’s not likely to creak or fall out of your pocket. You can locate your lost device within a few feet using a web application or Ajax system. A brief overview of the Ajax system shows that the device can be used anywhere with an Internet connection.

The smart security system is operated by the central unit that maintains radio communication with the Ajax devices. The maximum range of interaction with each device is about two kilometers when there are no obstructions. The Ajax system can connect up to 100 devices, which should be sufficient to protect a property of any size. The key fob is also a part of the StarterKit.


The Ajax system MultiTransmitter is a wireless device that enables a home or business to monitor activity. Its wireless technology is powered by a backup battery, which can provide power for up to four days. The MultiTransmitter includes two tampers: one that detects if the integration module is removed from the mounting bracket and the other that responds to a lid being removed. The MultiTransmitter’s design makes it easy to connect and control.

The Ajax system MultiTransmitter connects wired alarms to a single network. This system allows users to add third-party devices, such as motion detectors and door sensors. This device offers connectivity via radio communication. Its user-friendly app allows easy monitoring, and it has universal compatibility. Its robust design and automatic software updates guarantee stability and resistance to threats.


The Ajax security system comprises two major parts: the central receiving station and detectors. There’s also a device used to detect leaks. Such sensor will see the unwanted water on the surface and will inform the user about it.

The Ajax LeaksProtect water detector is connected to the system using a QR code on the back. To test the connection, you can touch the device for three seconds, and it will illuminate red. Ajax LeaksProtect uses the latest technology to detect leaks and floods before they become a big problem.


Ajax has several different devices kits for different purposes, and if you are unsure which one is right for you, the StarterKit is a great way to get started. Each kit includes three sensors, which are used to gather data on your surroundings. Once the sensors are installed, you can create scenarios to test them out. StarterKit contains all the necessary detectors and software. You can buy more sophisticated systems if you wish to add more functionality to your home or business or develop this one by adding devices.


The Ajax Starter Kit is the core of the Ajax wireless security system. It is designed to be simple, with a professional design and interface. Starter kits come with a control panel — hub, a motion detector, a door and opening detector, and a key fob with a panic button. The Hub also can switch to clear frequencies when there’s a jamming problem. StarterKit can be installed in 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of the room.

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