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9 Advantages of electric fireplaces

A fireplace, one could argue, is what makes a home, a home. Simply lazing around the living room, reading a book, and warming your feet by the fire is an integral part of the home experience. Now, over the centuries, there have been quite a few innovations in the field of construction, home aesthetics, and its management – 3D printing of entire houses, the application of robotic walls, steel structures, tall buildings, and electric fireplaces.

Maybe on their way to becoming the new convention. Not only do they offer ease and convenience, but these electric fireplaces also offer much more than your regular gas-fired fireplace. Today, we will look at some of the benefits of having the best electric fireplace in your home.

1. Budget

A gas fireplace, insertable or otherwise, cannot be installed in a home until the construction meets some prerequisites. There should be a chimney, a roof outlet, a connection to an exterior wall, and a ventilation system. If your home is not yet equipped with all of these components, it would be a difficult task to install the gas fireplace. The total cost of installing a gas fireplace ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000, on average. Whereas, the electric heater price range starts from $ 1000 and goes all the way up to $ 3000. The clear dichotomy between the price ranges makes the electric heater a preferable option for the average user.

2. Portability

The usual gas heater is installed or the separate container is too unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view. It’s a small square box perpetually connected with a gas supply pipe, which may make for a not-so-feasible intervention when it comes to interior design and styling. With an electric heater, you don’t have to worry about portability, and if you want it to be connected to one place, these electric heaters also come with a wall mount feature.

3. Efficiency

When it comes to dislocating heat efficiency, a typical gas fireplace displaces at least 70-80 percent of the heat it generates through the fireplace or ventilation system. It seems like a complete waste of fuel and power. Compared to that, an electric heater has an efficiency rate of nearly one hundred percent – none of the heat it produces is lost through otherwise cumbersome systems, and it follows an equal flow rate for its heat throughout the entire room. room, creating a cozy atmosphere.

4. Range of flame

While both the electric and gas fireplace is controlled by the thermostat, there is a distinct lack of features in the gas heater’s flame control range that is very noticeable. While the thermostat controls both the heat and the flame of the gas heater, the electric heater is completely different. It offers more diversity in aesthetics by allowing heat and flames to have completely different switches on the thermostat, so even when you turn off the heat, flames can become a visible feature.

5. Fumes

The wood-burning fireplace of the past used to let out a noticeable load of smoke and fumes when the fire was burning. In the gas fireplace, although there is no excess, the fireplace still produced a small amount of carbon monoxide, and keeping the fire burning for a whole night and sleeping in the same room would be detrimental. With electric heaters, there are no fumes at all. It is a clean heating machine that draws its energy from an electrical outlet. Now you can get the psychological impact of a blazing fire without all the hassle that comes with the inconvenience of a real blazing fire.

6. Energy efficient

An electric heater helps to accommodate the energy efficiency of a home. During winter, the load on the central heating system increases, and electricity bills can start to climb. An electric heater applies the concept of supplemental heating to the mix, providing heat exposure to space to which it has been allocated. In this way, you could lower the thermostat in the central, thus reducing bills.

7. Design options

Electric heaters come in various sizes and shapes, from long to short to semi-portable, and the variation in choice makes it an interesting departure from the design of a traditional mantle fireplace. These design options are more modern and allude to the contemporary state of the world, and create a clever variation of styles that you could go-between.

8. Aesthetics

The aesthetic feasibility is infinite in the choice of electric heaters. They come in such a wide range that they could be combined with almost any indoor environment. Although predominantly available in the modern style, electric fireplaces also come in traditional and classic mounts. Whatever style you deem appropriate, there will be an electric heater to complement that aesthetic.

9. Usability throughout the year

Since there are no restrictions on the compatibility of the electric fireplace and it does not use wood or gas, so the flames are not real, it could be used all year round. You could turn off your electric heater during summers and turn on the fames to play up a party aesthetic.

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