8 Types of Mobile Apps You Must Try to Make Your Life Easier

With the advent of smartphones and mobile apps, it has become the norm to carry your whole world in the palm of your hand wherever you go. Now, phones are not just for calling or texting. There are a ton of things that your smartphone can do for you and make your life so much more convenient. 

Here, we list 8 different types of mobile apps that you need to have on your phone, in order to make your day to day life easier and better. 

1. To-Do List and Reminder App

Apps designed to increase your productivity are literally God-sends. There are innumerable apps in the Appstore or Playstore that will help you make daily to-do lists and manage everyday tasks. These apps also have a reminder feature so that you don’t forget your important tasks. We recommend that you get a productivity app as soon as possible. 

2. Fitness App

There is no shortage of fitness apps in the market these days, whether you are looking for a free app or a paid one. Fitness apps are necessary for people who don’t have a gym membership, especially. You can pick a fitness app based on your choice of exercise – be it yoga, pilates, dance, or just basic functional training. 

3. Diet App

Again, this is one type of health app that everyone should have on their phones, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Browse through the Playstore or Appstore for the diet app that best suits your needs and fits your lifestyle and download it. But just downloading the app is not enough – you need to follow the diet as religiously as you can to see actual results. Do proper research, though, and consult a doctor or nutritionist before you start on a radical diet. 

4. Drink-Water App

Most people just don’t keep a track of their daily water intake and fail to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water everyday. To avoid this, download one of the many drink-water apps available online. This app reminds you to drink a glass of water every couple of hours. 

5. Holiday Booking App

Apps that list hotels and flights are great. You can instantly compare prices and create itineraries at the click of a button. Even if that Goa trip never materializes, it’s still nice to plan your stay. We recommend that you keep one favorite holiday booking app on your phone for convenience’s sake. 

6. Gaming App

Real money gaming apps are fast becoming popular with the Millennial and Gen-Z crowds. There are many safe and legit casino games apps and fantasy gaming apps that are a great source of entertainment and a fun way of passing time when you’re traveling or commuting to work. Just keep in mind that these apps should be used cautiously and recreationally, and not as a source of income. 

6. Online Shopping App

With online shopping apps, you can have veggies and groceries delivered to your very doorstep. Then there’s also big store apps that deliver all kinds of stuff, such as household items, clothes, pet products, etc. You should really get a shopping app on your phone if you don’t already have one. 

7. Payments App

UPI is fast becoming the go-to way of making payments. There are many UPI apps or payment apps or even virtual wallets that you can have on your phone and go cash-free in your everyday life. In times such as these, when there’s risk of contracting germs from everywhere, exchanging physical money is inadvisable. Apps that allow you to make payments online are the best and very much the need of the hour. 

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