8 Tips For Choosing The Right Underwear For Your Kid

While buying anything for our kids, we keep their utmost comfort and the best product quality in mind, whether it be apparel, a toy, books, blankets or even kids underwear. Kids underwear is a piece of clothing; if not of the suitable fabric or right fit can become the most uncomfortable for them and create a lot of irritation and discomfort. Thus, choosing the best and the right kids underwear is vital for us as parents. This article will help you understand how to choose the right underwear for your kid!

Children start to wear regular kids underwear once they are completely potty trained. The transition from padded underwear to regular underwear usually takes place between the age of two to three for most children. By the age of three, kids can communicate the need to pee or poop properly and the discomfort any piece of clothing is causing. Thus, it is easier to check with them from time to time and make amends in the underwear decision if necessary. Here are ten tips to help you choose the best underwear for your baby.

8 Tips For Choosing The Right Underwear For Your Kid

  1. The Style – There are many different styles and types of kids underwear available in the market. Bloomers, boxers, and briefs are a few of the most popular kinds of kids underwear available. Although, at this age, the underwear is unisex, there is not much biological need for a particular type of underwear to buy, as is in the case of teenage boys and adult males. So, you can choose the styles that suit your baby’s comfort the most.
  2. Fit & Size – Kids underwear that is too tight can cause irritation and rashes. On the other hand, loose underwear can be very irritating as kids will keep pulling it up and adjusting it all the time. Thus, finding the right size and fit is significant. Most good quality brands have a size chart that lets you know your child’s underwear size.
  3. The Fabric – As there is massive competition in the kids underwear section, and not just branded and popular names operating in this industry, there is also a substantial local market for kids underwear. Thus, cheap quality products making it to the market shelves is extremely easy. Ensure that you look for the fabric used, and if possible, go for a trusted brand with material information on their website. Organic cotton or modal underwear, or a combination of both, is the ideal fabric for kids underwear.
  4. Dyes – Synthetic and chemical dyes used to dye the prints on the fabric can leave residue and harm your baby’s soft and delicate skin. Look for underwear brands that use AZO-free and safe dyes that are safe for your baby’s skin as well as for the environment.
  5. Elastics – Some kids underwear has a low-quality elastic that digs into the skin and leaves a mark on their thighs or waist. If the child wears it for a longer time, it can also cause a rash or pain due to the tight and uncomfortable elastic. Instead, look for brands that offer either soft elastic or seamless underwear. Those are softer on the skin and ensure that the baby is comfortable without any itch and pain due to tight elastic.
  6. Durability – Buying underwear that won’t last even a few washes and stats either pilling or the fabric starts to go thin is a sheer waste of money. Instead, look for durable and thick yet airy materials that will stretch without damaging the shape or elasticity of the fabric and would last longer.
  7. Customer Reviews – This is one of the essential aspects you can consider. Checking with other parents who are already in the same boat and have tried and tested different brands and now have made a choice will save you a lot of time. In addition, there are many trusted parenting communities and Facebook groups where parents share their honest feedback and parenting experiences. You may want to check these groups’ real pictures and reviews before investing in good quality kids underwear.
  8. Your Baby’s Choice – Well, after a certain age, your kids have their own preferences and choices for their own apparel and products. This will stand true for underwear as well. There are many adorable prints available you can let your baby choose from. Some brands, such as SuperBottoms, even offer themed bundles of modal underwear for kids in all varieties and sizes. So, your baby can have a print of their choice.

The bottom line is that a kid’s underwear might sound like any other piece of garment, but because it is going to be touching your baby’s diaper region, it has to be nothing but the best. The fabric, dyes, and fit all play an essential role. So, consider all the factors mentioned above while choosing the underwear for your baby. Happy Parenting!

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