8 reasons why you need a notary

Certain events and acts of life require the follow-up of a notary. The notary is a public and ministerial officer, bound by professional secrecy, whose main role is the drafting of legal documents. He can also provide specific advice to people who call on his services in various situations. It is also involved in the authentication of certain contracts, most often union contracts, deeds of sale, etc. 

Appointments with notaries can be free; the client then only has to pay for the services offered following the appointment. The services of notaries are therefore varied: several reasons can lead a person to see a notary. Find ten good reasons that definitely require you to make an appointment with a notary.

Notaries: ministerial officers who offer multiple services

Regardless of the reason for which you consult these officers, you should know that appointments with notaries can be free; the client then only has to pay for the services offered following the appointment.

The first role of the notary is undoubtedly the role of adviser, namely:

  • On family law (donations – donations-sharing – matrimonial contracts – succession, adoption, separations, divorces etc.),
  • on asset management (investments, acquisitions of new or old real estate, tax advantages or disadvantages, etc.)
  • on company law,
  • sometimes a mediating role.


1 – See a notary for real estate transactions

The sale of real estate or the purchase of real estate imperatively requires the office of a notary if one wishes to do so according to the agreed rules and laws. Thanks to the Wedding Officiant Notary Miami, you benefit from legal certainty.

  • Indeed, a real estate acquisition is only possible if the contract exists in the form of an authentic deed. This must be done by a notary. The intervention of a notary in the purchase of real estate or the sale of real estate has many advantages. 
  • The notary has a duty to advise, in the case of an acquisition, both for the buyer and for the seller.
  • The real estate sale makes it possible, among other things, to ensure the security of its purchase/sale by providing important information during the act. The intervention of the notaries makes it possible to have with certainty the date of the transaction. Notaries allow the buyer to also have certainty of the appropriation of his property. They are a sure way to avoid scams.
  • In this logic, and according to these facts of order, it is therefore important to have recourse to a notary for the property management. 

2 – Make an appointment with a notary for business formalities

Notaries also have a high qualification in company law and taxation. 

As a result, their intervention is of great need for business leaders and traders. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they will allow you to make a judicious choice in the legal form of your business and will facilitate legal and decision-making interventions for your business. If you want to start a business, then it might be time to make an appointment with a notary. 

3 – A notary to facilitate the management of your assets 

We all know that Apostille Miami wealth management is quite difficult for a person. The notary by his training presents the necessary capacities to help you for an excellent management. Whether it’s a stock market investment or life insurance, offering you the services of a notary will make it easier for you to manage your assets by giving you sound legal advice.

4- Notaries for all your donations and inheritances

Inheritances and donations most often create a problem when no indication is made in relation. In order to appease and avoid any tensions in the future, the help of a notary is therefore essential, because he knows the value of real estate on the real estate market and that of inheritance. 

Seeing a notary as soon as possible would therefore be a wise idea for the sharing of your inheritance and for your donations. 

5 – Notaries for your bank loans and insurance 

The expertise of a notary is necessary when you wish to negotiate a bank loan. It ensures reliability and security given its jurisdiction. The same applies to the subscription to an insurance contract where the notary is of particular assistance. So don’t wait any longer! For all your loans and insurance contracts, the opinion of a notary is strongly recommended. 

6 – The services of notaries as legal advisers.

A true legal Mobile Notary Miami adviser, the notary ensures the legalization of signatures and the certification of documents. Likewise, he is responsible for advising you on legal or tax issues. The protection of your confidential contracts, wills or other important documents can also be assigned to a notary.

7- Notaries as private advisers to families

The notary is a special family adviser. It responds to the various concerns, both tax and legal, of a family and enlightens the parties. He follows all the members of a family, listens to them and plays the role of advisor when making a decision. 

It is the notary who is also responsible for drawing up a will, a protection mandate, the matrimonial regime, or even the divorce paper. 

8 – Notaries :

The profession of notary represents a valuable aid for business leaders. 

Notaries play an important role at the corporate level. They are in charge of the legal management of a company, the transformation and the modifications of the statutes of the company. It also deals with the purchase of goodwill and the formalities of registration, modification or deletion from the Trade Register.

A true corporate lawyer, the adviser is responsible for drafting the agreements, carrying out various actions on behalf of his clients in order to protect their interests.  In other words, the notary is a very useful adviser for a business manager. If you are a business owner, it might be time to make an appointment with a notary.

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