8 Features to Look for in Website Accessibility Software

It’s never a doubt that the internet has had a significant role in the general development of this new age. You now have tons of information for research on the internet, and communication is way much simpler through different platforms. However, not everyone is a tech pro, and some people can’t hack the simple steps and things on web pages.

Website Accessibility Software

Some groups, such as the blind or people with vision difficulties, who have a hearing impairment, and ones with mobility issues might find it difficult to hack some simple steps on a website. Website accessibility software is a tool that makes it simple for such groups to use a website at ease properly. There are particular features that the WCAG compliance software offers, which make your website disability-friendly.

The software makes it possible for users with vision impairment to access information on the website. It also doesn’t leave out the blind ones who get the audio versions of the content. The ones with mobility issues get the zoomed versions to be able to make clicks comfortably. Even the aged get a simpler version of the information, one that they can easily understand. But why should you have the WCAG compliance software?

Importance of Website Accessibility

Well, website accessibility is of great importance to your website. It ensures that your website is Section 508 compliant. Moreover, you stand to enjoy several benefits from making your website accessible to persons with disabilities. Some of these benefits include

  1. a) You’ll steer clear of any legal complaints or discrimination
  2. b) Your website will reach out to a broader audience
  3. c) It builds a reputable positive PR
  4. d) It improves your search engine optimization (SEO)
  5. e) It increases the usability rate on your website for all types of users
  6. f) It helps you write high-quality code
  7. g) It broadens your market penetration

8 Features to Look for in Website Accessibility Software

The definition and importance of website accessibility are apparent at this point, but how do you choose which is the best one for you? What kind of features do you look out for? The eight features to look for in website accessibility software are

a) Automatic Evaluation Tool

Also referred to as a web accessibility checker, this web accessibility tool is responsible for monitoring and auditing your website. It ensures that all pages comply with all the Website Compliance Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) pages.

b) Closed Captioning Services

This tool is for assisting the deaf or users with hearing impairment. It provides accurate captions for all the content displayed in an audio recording or video.

c) Customization Options

You’d want to make fast and easy changes on your website when need is, and some website accessibility software doesn’t offer that. It would be best if you looked out for customization options that’ll help with uniformity and brand identity on your website.

d) Color Checker

This tool checks the website’s background and foreground colors to see if they combine perfectly to provide an excellent contrast to the site visitors with color-vision issues. These color tests are in respect to the regulations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

e) Voice Recognition

Voice recognition facilitates smooth website navigation on your site for those with visual impairment. This tool helps them fill out forms, copy and paste information, activate menus, and scroll through the information.

f) Automatic Screen Reader

This tool is meant to transform text—to—speech on a website. It reads through the titles and headers on the webpage and texts on images, then gives an accurate idea of the context.

g) Code Detector

Code detectors detect any violations in your codes through reading the codes on your website.

h) Keyboard Navigation Optimization

The tool is ideal for those users with mobility issues since they can’t navigate the website using the mouse or touchpad. It enables keyboard navigation which is an easy way for this group to go through the website.

Having website accessibility software such as WCAG compliance software has a lot of benefits. It is important to you, but it also helps persons with disabilities access the information you share on your website. That’s a win-win situation and one that every developer wants. Sign up for our website today and get a free 30-day trial of AudioEye’s Basic Website Compliance plan today!

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