7 Ways to Make Your Executive Search Software More Effective

Real-world hiring has its challenges. Most organizations face the same fundamental challenges when it comes to hiring top talent: an acute shortage of exceptional candidates, a high cost per hire and lengthy onboarding processes. These challenges are especially prevalent in the talent-strapped fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With job market demand for highly skilled technologists expected to reach an all-time high in 2019, now is the perfect time to strengthen your  executive search software. With effective tools, it’s easier than ever to source quality candidates at scale. 

Let’s take a look at 7 ways you can make your executive search software more effective today.

Match the Right Talent to the Right Job Opening

If you’re not a hiring manager, it’s easy to get sidetracked during the process. Instead of simply finding the best-suited candidate for a particular job opening, you end up spending time hunting for candidates that fit the criteria. A hiring manager’s primary objective when hiring is to bring in a great fit for the job opening at a specific salary and title. This is only possible if you are able to find the right talent to match the right job opening. As a hiring manager, you must match candidates to jobs. This is done by finding matching skills and experience across job openings and matching candidates to those positions using your executive search software. In doing so, you are able to assess the fit between the skills and experience of each candidate and the job opening while also managing your time more effectively.

Automate as Many Hiring Tasks as Possible

Automation is a key differentiator between the best-in-class and average organizations. The best practice is to automate as many hiring tasks as possible. The biggest challenge is to identify which automation strategies are right for your organization. The right sourcing strategies will depend on your sourcing strategy, how you source candidates and the hiring process within your company. Similarly, the right tagging strategies will depend on how your organization defines tags and how you use tags in hiring. Bottom line: Automate as many of your hiring tasks as possible so you can focus on hiring better talent.

Review your Sources and Tools Every Day

As a hiring manager, it’s important to never stop reviewing and improving your executive search software. You must identify the sources and tools that work best for your organization. For example– Recruiterflow. This can vary from sourcing strategies to tagging strategies. When it comes to sourcing strategies, there are two important factors to keep in mind: the source and the type of sourcing strategy. The source is where you find candidates, such as LinkedIn or GitHub. The sourcing strategy is the method you use to find candidates, such as job ads on job boards or social media channels. It’s also important to review your sourcing strategies every day to identify those that aren’t providing quality candidates and to determine the best ways to improve them. In doing so, you’ll be able to identify potential sources and tools that work best for your organization.


When it comes to finding and hiring top talent, nothing is more important than sourcing the right candidates. To do this, you must first identify the right talent. The next important step is to match the right talent to the right job openings. Finally, you must automate as many hiring tasks as possible. These three steps can make or break your sourcing efforts. The good news is your executive search software can help you find the right talent, match the right talent to the right job openings and automate as many hiring tasks as possible.

When sourcing strategies will vary depending on your organizational needs and requirements, effective sourcing strategies can be found across virtually any job market. However, it’s important to discover the right sourcing strategies for your organization. Once you’ve identified the best sourcing strategies for your organization, it’s important to source and source effectively.

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