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7 tips to carry out your content marketing strategy on Instagram

Instagram can bring you great visibility and conversions whether you are an e-commerce or not. Indeed, 80% of users follow at least one brand, so why not yours? Another interesting statistic is that 75% of users act (visit a website, for example). Now that we’ve convinced you to use Instagram (at least we hope so), here are a few tips for getting more followers on Instagram and your content marketing strategy going.

1: Plan a unique strategy for Instagram

As per social media marketing leader ACTIVEIG.COM, each social network is different from its audience, its way of operating, and the posting formats, etc. So you can’t duplicate your content strategy used on Twitter on Instagram, it won’t work. To get started, identify your target audience. Instagram users are quite young, under 35. Deepen your knowledge of your personas to know precisely their demographic data, their location, their tastes, etc.

Then determine your goals taking into account the functionality of Instagram. For example, if you want to generate leads, remember that it is not possible to add clickable links in your posts. You are only allowed one link in your bio. More info for Visit here ytmp3

You can then customize your posts based on this information. In fact, here are the possible post formats on Instagram:

  • Photos: behind the scenes of your business or event, quote, a photograph of your routine, etc.
  • Vertical videos: especially on IGTV where you can post long videos
  • Stories: in vertical format, you can publish a series of short photos and videos that will only be visible for 24 hours

In your content strategy on Instagram, be sure to consider when posting your photos or videos. These depend on your target.

2: Use hashtags

Hashtags are essential to boost the visibility of your posts. Here are the ones you can use:

  • Hashtags with your brand name: they make it easier for people who know your brand to find you. Feel free to create other hashtags with the name of your marketing campaign or your event, for example.
  • Community hashtags: they allow users to follow posts for a specific topic, for example, #contentmarketing

Make sure your hashtags are consistent with the content of your post and do not abuse it. No need to leave a list of 20 hashtags for your photo, limit yourself to a maximum of ten.

3: Humanize your posts

You might be tempted just to post photos of your products, but on Instagram, people love spontaneity.

So do not hesitate to pass in front of the lens by posting videos or photos from behind the scenes of your business or highlights from your daily life.

Livestream is also very popular. It can be a good solution for:

  • Make use of customer interviews
  • Capture a moment of your event
  • Film an afternoon outing with your colleagues

Another way to humanize your posts is to use the survey sticker. In your stories, you can question your community and show them that you are interested in it.

4: Focus on your followers

Precisely, your community and your followers, it is on them that you must focus on. Obviously, you should understand their expectations, as we discussed in the first point of this article.

But above all you have to give them a reason to follow you:

  • Fuel their creativity by encouraging your followers to generate content based on your products or messages you want to get across
  • Create contests and encourage your community to share your posts
  • Book specific discounts for your followers by setting up a unique promo code
  • Show them how your products can help or benefit them

5: Add interactivity

In content marketing, there are three types of content i.e., static, dynamic, and interactive content. It is due to the latter that you can stand out on Instagram.

Interactivity is especially possible in stories, due to the use of stickers.

But remember all the same that it is possible to:

  • Create a statement (particularly useful before an event or the launch of a product for example)
  • Add an Emoji slider to assess how your community is feeling
  • Allow users to ask you questions that you will answer later
  • Allow users to select the music they can listen to in the background of your post

6: Get closer to micro-influencers

It is impossible to talk about Instagram without mentioning micro-influencers. These mini web stars can be a springboard for your brand. So do not neglect them in your content strategy, especially if you run e-commerce.

A micro-influencer has a few thousand Instagram followers and is much more affordable in terms of budget. Due to them, you can deploy the visibility of your products to his community.

For this strategy to work, be sure to choose a micro-influencer who is connected to your industry and who has a community similar to your target audience. Be aware that there are solutions online to help you find micro-influencers relevant to your brand.

7: The stories to reach your target

Due to the stories, you will be able to reach your target, especially if the latter is young and dynamic. Most of the stories are watched by adolescents, young adults, and working people. Depending on the profile of your target, you can create suitable content. Read more about 7starhd

One of the current trends is to encourage influencers to use your products or services and then talk about it on social networks, especially in stories. These are shared and go viral while you gain popularity. As it is possible to comment on posts, your audience will be able to react to your stories. The answers are often like ephemeral content, brief and impactful. You have to read them and take them into account because they represent the “hot” reactions of your followers and contain a multitude of information to exploit.

Instagram must be the subject of a unique content marketing strategy. Once you have identified your target and your objectives, you can create various posts geared towards your followers. To stand out from your competitors, do not hesitate to put yourself forward! For more information Click here movierulz

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