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7 Steps to Selling A House In Maryland

Sometimes families and individuals would have to decide to sell their house. They must because they have found a better working opportunity in another state or wanted to start a new life in a place that they are not too familiar with. These reasons are very valid—however, before you decide to move to your new home, you must make sure that at least there is a potential buyer or two who are interested in buying it.

We noticed a lot of house selling guides out there that are too technical and complicated to follow. With these seven great steps, you should be able to potentially sold a house and finally move on to your new home. Let’s get started into selling your home in Maryland:

Step 1: Make Repairs in the House’s Interior and Exterior

If you want someone to really be interested in your house, the first thing you can do is fix something that needed repair. Replace the roof shingles, add new paint, repair the door and windows. Just do some small, simple repairs to increase the chance of a closed deal with a potential buyer.

Note: If the buyer asks if the house has recently been repaired or painted, you have to tell them honestly. You wouldn’t have to worry as buyers prefer homes newly renovated than them doing the work themselves.

Step 2: Take Pictures of the House

Now that the renovations and cleaning are being made, it’s time to take pictures of the house. As much as possible, you must provide the buyer with clear and high-quality pictures. As much as possible, give them raw shots of the photos and not heavily edited ones.

Smartphones nowadays now can shoot quality pictures. Be sure to keep copies of these photos just if you would meet up with a potential buyer who would be interested in your house.

Step 3: Free Your Schedule For Potential Buyers

Since you are selling your house, you must have enough free time to meet up and speak with the potential buyer of your home. Communication is always vital. Be sure to always be available if the buyer has questions related to the house. Also, be sure to answer the questions truthfully. Do not scam your buyer.

Tips for House Sellers:

  • If ever you are posting an ad about your home on sale on social media (e.g. Facebook Marketplace), be sure to include your contact details on the ad so it would be more accessible to for buyers to communicate with you. Although Messenger is quite convenient, some prefer speaking on the phone when it comes to these things.
  • If you are not available every day due to other priorities, you may indicate when buyers can meet up with you and see the house.

Step 4: Getting Ready For The Big Move

Whenever a closed deal is around the corner or the buyer has already confirmed in getting your home, it is time for the big move. Arrange the confirmed moving date and make it a priority to pack up and move out of your house as soon as possible so that the buyer can now occupy your place.

Tip: As much as possible, you must make sure that your new home is ready for occupancy or have at least a temporary house to place all your belongings in if ever you’re still in the process of looking for your home.

Step 5: Sell Other Things Or Keep Them In The Old Home

Inevitably, you can’t bring everything with you from your old house to your new one. To lessen the moving fees that you need to pay when transporting all your things in your old home, it’s recommended that you either sell some of your belongings online or through a garage sale. You can also leave some of them in your old home so that they will be used by the next person occupying your place. Furniture, cabinets, and large appliances are some examples of these.

Step 6: Have Contracts, Keep Record of Everything

When it comes to all of the transactions related to the home, be sure to keep every single piece of documentation: from your contracts, quotations, screenshots, chat logs, and so on. Scanned copies of checks and deposit slips are included in this. That way, if ever there are discrepancies with the deal, it is easy to check back and retrace.

Step 7: Inform Neighborhood and Local Communities

If ever you are moving out of Maryland, be sure to inform your neighbors and your usual local communities about your move. Also, please give them your updated contact details like your phone number and e-mail address to keep in touch.

So here are some of our basic steps in moving out of your home in Maryland. We hope this helps you and may your new home be at least a better place than your previous one.

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