7 Features that make Seven Stars Solar Heater Your Ideal Water Heating Partner

A solar water heater heats water using sunlight by using a thermal collector. It can be configured in various ways depending on the cost according to the latitude and climate.

This article focuses on the features of the seven stars model that make it an ideal selection for water heating solutions.

Water heating can be straightforward and less costly when you use solar heaters. Schools, homes, hospitals, hotels, and swimming pools often require warm water. Since the heaters use solar energy, they are a convenient way to get this much-needed facility.

An ideal solar system heater will significantly bring costs down and ensure the smooth running of your home or establishment. The features that make the seven-star heater tick include the following:

It has Two Layers of Insulation

Insulation reduces heat loss to a significant extent. Two layers give twice the benefit. The heating consumption varies from one building to another, and this feature enables the owner to achieve full benefits. The double insulation prevents a cooling effect such that you can enjoy a warm shower early in the morning when the sun is not shining.

Some solar panels only work well when there is low light, but the seven ss stars solar water heater is well-functional.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Most suppliers do the installation. One can use water softeners to prevent scaling, which is accumulating calcium deposits in the heating system. The solar panel will be mounted on the roof. Each installation is different. Moreover, a storage tank will be needed and connected to a heat exchanger.

It works even in cold weather.

You can use the seven stars heater in the rainy season. It has good-quality insulation that keeps it from losing heat to the environment. They will fit them with freeze protection that makes snow melt before sliding off the roof.

During the cold winter season, it works too. A technology called radiator fluid is used during winter. A radiator fluid warmed by sun energy will be pumped into the tank for heat exchange, warming the water inside a storage tank.

It is power saving.

Since sunlight is a free element of the weather, no other power cost is associated with solar water heating. After installation, you enjoy warm water for as long as the water supply lasts. Areas without electricity connection can have facilities like hotels with warm showers for the guests. A trip out of town will not be a nightmare.

It has an intelligent controller.

An intelligent controller monitors the temperature to know when to turn the sun bank on and when to turn it off. An electrical heater can back up a solar water heating system. The electrical heater is controlled automatically and will be switched on when the water temperature falls to a certain level. Depending on the water temperature, you can switch from one system to another.

It is weather-resistant.

During wind, snow, or hailstorms, the solar panels work. So you do not have to worry about the weather interfering with your warm water supply. Antifreeze requires an annual checkup for regular maintenance.


Solar water heating systems will be embraced as they are environmentally friendly. In states like California, a rooftop solar panel installation is a requirement in homes. So why not stay ahead of the game and get one already? The benefits outweigh the cost of having one.

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