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7 Facts About Dirty Carpets (You Probably Didn’t Know)

Do you have a dirty carpet at your home or a workplace that not just looks bad but also spreading a foul odor now? If yes then immediately do something to clean that up. If you are not planning to do so, just go through this article to find some miserably disgusting facts about dirty carpets. Maybe then you change your mind and get the dirt out ASAP.

If you have a dirty carpet then you are breathing nothing but impurities? Dirty carpets store all types of things that must make your skin scratch as well as make you feel unwell.

They can severely and destructively affect your health and also your pet’s health who can’t do but have to live with them. In case you take a magnifying glass and inspect what is in there right now, you would be disgusted at what you would find there.

So, always try to keep your carpet clean. If you don’t have time or patience for that, you can hire a professional to do the job. But don’t, I repeat DON’T leave your carpet dirty!

7 Strange Facts Of Dirty Carpets

Carpet in your office or at home can come under plenty of wear & tear. It can be damaged with stains, traffic lanes, discoloring, and eventually, this damage might cause the need to change them.

Carpet that does not receive regular specialized carpet cleaning service can eventually end up in a worse state.

With steady cleaning, carpets can retain that appearance, smell, and feel of a new one for a longer period. But when you leave them dirty then these following things you will find on your carpet

More Bacterias Than A Toilet Seat Has

Carpeting is a great flooring choice at home over the hardwood flooring. It adds comfort, warmth, and also feels good when on bare feet. However, due to all the circulation, it comes across, it inclines to get quite dirty with time.

It turns into a germ hotspot as well as can be at least 2,000 times nastier than a toilet seat. Not only this, a dirty carpet can similarly have several different creatures living in them that you can’t even think of.

Dirty Carpets Are Home To Germs

Your carpets do an appreciated work by working as a filter, tricking damaging air contaminants like fungi, pollen, bacteria, chemicals, tars, cigarette smoke, and also remains. Sounds awful right?

The matter of distress here is as soon as your carpets get “full of dirt” it no more holds or traps these air impurities. These trapped poisons can solitarily be eliminated with a regular specialized carpet cleaning service. It seems right to clean them regularly to get rid of the germs. Isn’t it?

Dirty Carpets Attract More Dirt & Greasy Residue

On a daily basis, greasy residue from your rooms in the home as well as your family pets (in case you have one) is carried inside from the outdoor and becomes dry onto the carpet. Such residue entices as well as “locks in” filth to your carpet’s fibers.

With time, this filth can truly change the shade of your carpets as well as can be intensified. In case you leave it like this then it will lead to unappealing traffic lanes & can turn into a permanent stain.

Dirt In Your Carpets Can Tear Up The Carpet

In case you have got down near your carpet ever and divided the heap you may have been stunned to discover a sand mine of dirt in the carpets that can’t be washed by the vacuum cleaners at your home. This filth is not generally noticeable but is crushing your carpets and furniture away every single time you sit or walk on them.

Home To Allergies

In case you are the kind of individual who’s suffering from dust allergies, then a dirty carpet is like a hell for your well-being.

Imagine all the junk a carpet clasps and traps: dead skin cells, pet urine & hair, mold, insect feces, and so many more.

Quite gross, no? Do you wish to breathe in all that? No, right? You also do not want your pets and/or visitors getting sick as you did not clean your carpets on time.

Dirt Makes Your Carpet Heavy

Carpet has the ability to hold all the dirt, dust, pet hair, urine, dead skin cells, mold, bacteria, organic compounds, husks, insect feces, and also other types of allergies.

It’s extremely vital to clean your carpets regularly and also vacuum them a minimum of once or twice per week. Ensure you get your carpet cleaned by experts to make sure all the allergens are eliminated from the carpet’s fibers.

Bad Inside Air Quality

Yes, you read it right! This one may seem to shock you. Carpets in our home captivate a collection of pollutants. This consists of both the germs (living) and dirt & dust (non-living) pollutants. Every single step you take on your dirty carpet delivers an unseen heap of nasty pollutants into the indoor air. Having dirtier carpets means having dirtier air quality.


It’s recommended that you clean your carpets with skilled experts after every 3 months or so. Carpets need to be cleaned daily as well as before they’re soiled severely or else, it will reduce the life of the carpet.

Vacuum cleaning is just not sufficient as the carpet should be cleaned deeply every 3 months or so. With in-depth cleaning, you can bring back the appearance of your carpets and decrease wear to the heap by ranging its lifespan.

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