7 Essential Pieces of Hog Hunting Gear for Beginners

Hogs, feral hogs, wild pigs, wild boars… However you call them, one thing is for sure – they’re delicious! People hunt these animals for many reasons, but this is the main one!

Hog hunting is undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences. Hogs are strong and resilient and can even endanger human safety. 

Hog hunting could easily be classified as an adrenaline sport; therefore, you must adequately prepare for this adventure.

If you want to enjoy the companionship and excitement of hunting, as well as the tasty meat of wild boar, but you are a hunting enthusiast or beginner, this article might help you. 

But first, let’s see where you can hunt these animals without causing yourself legal consequences.

1.Which states allow hog hunting?

Here are some interesting facts about the hog population across America:

  • There are over 6 million hogs in 35 states.
  • Twenty-eight states allow hog hunting for residents and non-residents on public and private land.
  • Hogs are significant pests: they cause $2 billion in damage yearly!
  • They are also highly fertile animals; without hunting, their population could quickly get out of control, which could cause even more damage.

States that allow hog hunting are Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Keep in mind that hunting laws and regulations are different in every state. In some, you’ll need a special pig hunting license, while night hunting is prohibited in others. Find out more here.

Assuming feral hog hunting is allowed in your region, let’s see what equipment you will need for this experience:

2. Hunting license

State laws, not federal ones, regulate wild boar hunting, so you’ll need to check the regulations of the country you’re planning to hunt. 

Most states require an active hunting license for any game species, including wild boars. This regulation applies to hunting in public areas for residents older than 16. 

A non-resident will need a non-residential hunting license. A hunting license won’t be necessary to hunt on your or your relatives’ private property.

A wild boar hunting license costs $ 48 and can be obtained from your local Walmart. Don’t let the lack of this document get in the way and ruin your hunting experience.

3. Adequate clothes

Your clothes can make or break a wild boar hunting experience. Stick to dark-colored pants and shirts and forget about blue jeans, cause hogs can see blue color. Wear a baseball cap or booney hat to protect your head and neck from sunburn. 

Consider wearing a face mask (such as a COVID-19 mask), to prevent pigs from smelling your breath. Pigs have a refined sense of smell and can smell humans from ten miles away in certain conditions.

As for footwear, we recommend snake boots. Snake boots protect you from snake bites and wild boar attacks (they often aim for your legs).

4. Green or red flashlights

Wild hogs are nocturnal animals, so the night is the best time for hunting. Hunting in total darkness would be non-sense; you’ll need a flashlight. However, the color of the light is important. 

Hogs aren’t colorblind, but they struggle to see some colors. For example, they can not see blue, green, red, or dark shades.

Take a green or red flashlight cause they provide a perfect balance between intensity and brightness. These colors won’t scare away feral hogs but will help you identify them.

5. Hunting rifle

Before you go wild boar hunting, make sure that your firearm certificate states that you can shoot these animals with it. If the certificate says, you can hunt “any lawful quarry,” use your rifle for hog hunting. If not, ask for permission from the local police department.

When choosing a hunting rifle, remember that wild boars are strong and robust animals with thick skin. They can weigh 300 lbs, and you’ll need a solid firearm to produce a killing shot, or you’ll have to deal with an aggressive wounded animal. 

Semi-automatic rifles that use at least .270 cartridges are minimum for wild pig hunts.

6. Ammunition

Here are three suggestions of ammunition that will effectively bring down any feral hogs: .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, and .270 Winchester. All three are precise, powerful, easy to load, and deadly for wild boars.

7. Gun

You might wonder why you need a gun when you have a hunting rifle? You see, a feral hog is a dangerous and frightening animal, especially when it feels threatened or when it is wounded. When you shoot at it, you shoot to kill. 

A wounded hog can easily turn against you: her attack can cause severe injuries and infections, such as tuberculosis, influenza A and hepatitis E.

If a feral hog decides to attack you, you won’t have the time to manipulate the rifle. You’ll need a stronger and more efficient weapon, a gun that will kill wounded animals instantly. Using powerful ammunition from Natchezss – 45 ACP will do the job efficiently. On the contrary, 300 blackout ammo has its perfect use for hunting coyotes and other small, thin-skinned animals.

8. Knife

A knife is used for hunting and skinning animals. Choose a solid knife with a sharp stainless steel 8-inch blade that will quickly pierce the thick boar’s skin and reach the inside.

If you go into a wild boar hunting with dogs, they will find and physically control a boar until you arrive. Use the knife to stab a boar behind the right shoulder because there are the heart and lungs. That’s where you finish the job.

Dogs are not a hunting accessory but a great help and companionship; therefore, they found a place on our list. 

The best hunting breeds are the Redbone Coonhound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mountain Cur, Pitbull, and Lacy Dog. Each of these breeds, if adequately trained, will make wild boar hunting much easier.

9. Takeaways

Wild boar hunting is an exciting and unique experience that can quickly become dangerous and frightening, which you should be prepared for. 

We hope our list of seven essential pieces of equipment for this sport will ensure your enjoyment and safety. Good luck!

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