7 Best Services Of Dubai Airport You Should Know

Dubai airport offers you a lot of the best services. If you have traveled to Dubai, you may know about the top services you can avail of at Dubai airport. These services include meet and greet services, lounge services, baggage services, and much more.

Airport services in Dubai make the travel of passengers easy and comfortable. You will be happy to know that you have an option to stay in the lounge if you have to wait for your next flight to the airport. Moreover, you can avail yourself the chance to stay at the lounge and do your work.

People order the best meals, do their essential work, take baths, and enjoy relaxing at the lounges. After a hectic fight, you may feel relaxed after knowing that someone is there to manage all the airport processes. Here, we have listed the best services of Dubai airport.

  1. Fast Track Clearance Services

Dubai airport services offer you fast-track clearance when you reach the airport. They help you throughout the airport, no matter if it’s your arrival or departure. No need to be worried about the clearance at the airport if you are tired.

A staff member of the top company will be there for you to manage the processes of clearance. They track you fastly and complete the clearance of the airport well in a short duration of time. One of the top companies is Marhaba. The staff of Marhaba services is welcoming and polite.

They try to provide you relief throughout the airport processes. The staff will be there for you until the processes of the airport are completed.

  1. Meet And Greet Services

Many companies offer meet and greet services at Dubai airport. One of the top companies that provide you best meet and greet services is Marhaba. You can go to the Marhaba meeting lounge at Dubai international airport, just near the check-in area.

It is located at Terminal 3. Here, you can easily relax and enjoy some light refreshments. These services are the best option for both business and frequent travelers.

  1. Baggage Services

You can get hand baggage trolleys from the staff of the company you are going to hire. The top companies quickly arrange porter services if you provide them an extra fee. 

Dubai airport services provide you with safe passage and make your airport experience comfortable. The best thing about Dubai airport services is booking these services online for your family or friends. 

  1. Home Check-In

Airport service makes the journey of your family and loved one’s simpler and quicker. Enjoy a worry-free journey after booking the services of Dubai airport. You will be happy to know that now you can choose Home-check services.

Book the Premium package with the available services of at-home COVID testing. A Mediclinic professional will visit you to do a swab test. The Mediclinic professionals are well experienced and trained to perform such tests.

They deliver the results within one or two days after testing you and other passengers. You will get a medical certificate if you are tested negative for the virus. The staff of the company you have booked will visit your home to collect your baggage.

  1. Disinfecting Your Baggage

The company’s staff will disinfect your baggage to remove all the microbes for the next 72 hours. This treatment is effective in removing 99.99% of the germs. Don’t worry about your luggage because this treatment is safe for all types of luggage.

  1. Dubai Airport Chauffeur Services

Chauffeur services are accessible across the areas of the UAE. You can book these services to make your travel more easy and comfortable. Standard cars are available, which are enough to accommodate two passengers. Moreover, you can place medium-sized luggage into these cars.

If you are three in number, you can book a car for three people. Many companies offer you family cards to pick you up from the airport and drop you at your residence.

  1. Dubai Airport Lounge Services

Exclusive lounges are available to stay relaxed. You will get an unparalleled experience after booking the airport lounge at Dubai airport. 

Your arrival time does not matter. The staff will welcome you happily at any time. Cold beverages, Wi-Fi, International cuisine, alcoholic beverages, and much more is available for you at the lounges.

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