The Covid 19 virus spreads from person to person more quickly than you think. As you know, people who spread the disease show no symptoms at all, so what can help reduce the spread is Minimizing human interaction as much as possible, But if you can’t, it’s essential to wear a mask every time. when going to public

But medical masks It is scarce. Cloth masks are a good alternative. In addition to reducing the use of medical masks or surgical masks to give medical personnel a chance to use, the environmental aspect is also indirectly reducing waste.

In addition to making cloth masks or a mask to help reduce breathing in PM 2.5 dust into the body, Reduce the spread of COVID-19 to others and help prevent diseases that will cause transmission from respiratory patients. In addition, the pattern of masks, beautiful prints, colorful fabrics also help create confidence for users. Today, the factory produces masks, fabric patterns, screen printing logos. Will reflect other perspectives about making masks or ordering the production of masks Give more benefits than you think.

Go through the COVID-19 crisis with a mask. Brand printing. Many ideas.

  1. Show attention to personnel in the organization: In addition to the hard work, if the subordinates in the organization receive concern from the supervisor, Ask about health, give a mask or a cloth to cover your mouth. It is a demonstration of care in the organization. Many agencies or companies are large organizations, And every time the staff wears a logo printed cloth mask or a mask with an agency logo printed. It can help reduce the spread of infection.
  2. Pay attention to the relationship of partners and customers: No one wants the disease crisis, which is a period that proves who is ready to share the suffering and happiness with us. Some partners or customers may encounter problems requiring employee layoffs. Or there may be a risk of encountering many customers. Sending souvenirs expressing concern, such as 75% alcohol gel, handing out face masks cloth masks, to protect themselves from risks.
  3. Generate sales instead of lost revenue. Online selling businesses such as face mask brands, fabric masks, masks, and nose masks Have become a fashion that many people have to look at the mask before looking at the clothes again. This makes selling fashion fabric masks a business that earns substantial money.
  4. Reduce the burden of medical personnel: take care of yourself to be safe from infection all the time. In addition to reducing the burden of their treatment costs, It also reduces the burden of medical personnel such as doctors nurses to take care of severe patients. Therefore, the agencies or brands with enough budget help each other a little bit. Order mask manufacturing machine-Testex to make cloth masks to reduce the risk of spreading germs. If people are less infected Medical staff will be less tired.
  5. Increase access to more masks: Because many people have only one cloth mask, the fact that many agencies help each other to order fabric masks to distribute, besides having the advantage of being able to wash and clean There is also an opportunity that makes low-income people have the right to receive more than one mask, cloth or mask per person.
  6. Reduce infectious waste: for brands who are hesitant about whether they will order to produce masks in fabric or order to order medical masks, You have to ask before you go and give it to anyone to use. If giving medical personnel, choose a surgical mask, focus on quality, have a genuine filter because there are many fakes. You have to choose well.
  7. Premium items with content: This idea appeals to brands that are not selling well during this period. Please try to change the concept from the recipient to the giver. From having to find premium items, chic and innovative to create sales, try to find essential premium items, such as a mask or cloth, even if it’s a small item.
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