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6 Ways To Get Verification Badge In TikTok 

TikTok is a popular social media platform with almost 800 million active users worldwide. As a brand or TikTok creator, getting verified on social media is the best way to prove that you are authentic. Authenticity is also based on the like counts and views counts you receive for your profile. Therefore, it will get you validated on the TikTok platform. If you want to know the live likes count, then use tiktok likes counter and built the strong strategy.  

The audience believes that a TikTok account with a verification badge is more credible than the others. In the same way, getting a verification badge on TikTok makes your account list a priority. As per TikTok, the verification badge is more important next to the username. But many marketers and brands are still not aware of getting a verification badge?

In this article, let us learn how to acquire a verification badge on TikTok? Let’s get started!

What Is A TikTok Verification Badge? 

Like other digital platforms, the TikTok verification badge confirms that a particular account belongs to someone. It provides credibility for the individual as well as business accounts. The TikTok verification badge looks like having a white tick symbol encircled by a blue background. It appears next to the user name only on the verified accounts. The creators who have the TikTok verification symbol are protected by the risk of being copied by others. It confirms the creators are the authorized owners of their accounts. 

Why Should Professionals Try To Get Their Accounts Verified? 

As TikTok followers are growing tremendously in 2022, it is essential to boost your TikTok profile.  The TikTok algorithm favors authentic accounts and results in reaching more people. There are various accounts in several niches, and it is difficult for a profile to stand out from the crowd. It also delivers certain clarity to the users. It’s high time to get verified by TikTok and top the list of creators on the ‘for you page.’

Tips To Getting Verification Badge On TikTok 

1. Verification On Other Social Media Channels

Being verified on other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter will quickly make the creator acquire a verification badge on TikTok. Then, the TikTok team will check on the different social platforms for similar badges for your account. So, it is an easy way to get verified on TikTok. As a creator, if you keep yourself under the category of high-profile accounts on several digital media platforms, then you can succeed in the TikTok world. 

2. Time For Growth

If you want to acquire a verified TikTok badge, you should spend time improvising your account and content. It may take various times to gather followers and become popular on social media. As more people watch your videos, the more your account gets viral on social media, and the more accessible is the badge! A verification badge mentions your participation on the network. Many brands use tiktok views counter to know the exact results of their profile and then improvise their strategies. 

3. Gain More Followers Daily 

A creator should have a consistent growth of followers, which is a crucial metric for getting verified on TikTok quickly. With well-curated content, you can gain a large base of followers. You should at least post three or more engaging videos every day on your TikTok account, but that doesn’t should be meaningless content. Every follower will get notified by the creators’ videos when they follow back. It results in gaining more followers. 

4. Focus On Longer Watch Time

Apart from making viral videos, make videos with excellent and unique content. You can analyze whether your video is a success or failure by calculating the average watch time of your videos. Creators creating videos that make people watch again and again is a great way to boost your watch time growth. The TikTok team may verify the watch time duration of your videos to provide a verification badge. 

5. High Activity On TikTok

If you want to get verified by TikTok quickly, you need to be highly active and should get along with the trends. You can add a call to action, give random details for viewers’ comments, use generic hashtags, ask questions and make the content relatable. Collaborate with excellent creators for online posts and podcasts to be highly active. A newsworthy, trending, entertaining topic will make creators feature on the TikTok ‘for you page.’ 

6. Connect With Verified People

One of the easy ways for marketers to get verification is following the other verified accounts on TikTok. This idea may sound silly, but you should know that the TikTok algorithm also works in these ways. For example, if you follow celebrities, influencers, and public personalities on TikTok, you can increase followers to your account. In this case, you can gain more people as your followers. You can determine your current strategy by finding out live counts using tiktokcounter and improve your online presence. 

Wrapping Up

As final thoughts, you cannot request or buy verification on TikTok. The company itself selects your account and offers a verified status based on the activity, engagement rates, etc. It is not an automatic verification process; underneath, the TikTok team maintains secrecy of eligibility criteria. Those who meet their selective eligibility criteria will automatically get verified on TikTok. Being authentic, unique, and active on the TikTok platform and adhering to TikTok’s policy terms will get you near to the qualification of the verification badge. I hope this article provides you with the details on the simple and easy ways to get verified on TikTok.

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