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6 Tips for eCommerce Success

eCommerce is big business, and it’s getting even bigger all the time. It’s also a world that’s constantly changing, with the need to have a great eCommerce store that provides a fantastic user experience being more important than ever.

1. Make the right first impression

It takes less than a second for a visitor to decide what they think of your website, so it’s important to cover the basics and make sure you create the right first impression.

What does this mean in practice? Your site should be quick to load, visually appealing and on brand. What’s more, it should make it abundantly clear exactly who you are and what you offer. Don’t expect people to go looking for this information because the chances are they just won’t!

2. Be mobile friendly

In this day and age, it almost goes without saying that your site should be mobile friendly and provide a great experience on every device. This is important both from a user experience and SEO point of view.

This means it should be mobile responsive and adapt to the screen size, meaning people can easily browse your store whether they’re looking on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer. Also pay attention to things like page loading speed and text size, ensuring your content is readable on every device.

3. Have clear navigation

Ever visited an online store and been left frustrated because you couldn’t find what you were looking for? 

Having a clear and logical navigation menu is critical to this, with well defined categories and subcategories. You should also clearly place static pages, like ‘about us’ content or delivery information. 

Don’t forget to also think about the search function. This should present relevant search results and perhaps provide suggestions for items the visitor might be looking for.

4. Have an intuitive checkout process

Anyone familiar with the eCommerce industry will know about cart abandonment all too well, with a large percentage of your visitors adding products to their basket and then leaving the site without actually completing their purchase. 

To get around this, you should ensure that your checkout process is well designed and not too lengthy. Adding a confidence banner and trusted payment method logos can really help too because they position your business as a trusted store.

5. Utilise great photographs

One of the biggest problems with online shopping is that people aren’t actually there to physically hold the items they are looking at. There’s just no substitute for holding a product in your hands or trying it on in a changing room to see if it fits!

One of the main things you can do to overcome this issue is having great product photos. They should be sharp, well lit and generally present the item in the best possible way. 

It also really helps to have a large selection of photos, perhaps showcasing the product from different angles or showing close ups of specific detailing, or features you want to draw attention to.

6. Think about SEO

Google is still one of the main ways people will find your eCommerce store, so paying attention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must. 

A few simple onpage tactics like writing optimised meta titles and descriptions, creating keyword optimised content and adding alt tags to images can really help your site to rise up the rankings. 

Don’t forget to also think about offpage SEO, including link building and guest posting. Getting backlinks is a great way to increase your rankings and boost your online visibility.

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