6 Sneakers Designs for Women

Sneakers, also known as trainer shoes, have become a popular design not only for sportswear but for casual wear as well. Top brands have released their sneaker collections for both men and women. This type of design used to be popular only with men, but it has now become women’s sneakers have now become a thing. Several women’s sneakers have different styles and designs and are made of different materials, giving their users a wide variety to choose from. There are many brands like Vessi where you will find a good variety of waterproof sneakers that you can choose from.

Chunky Sneakers

These are basketball-type of sneakers that have gained quite popularity over the years. It started with a collaboration between a well-known basketball player and a luxury brand designer, and they came up with chunky sneakers for women. It has become a popular type of sneakers to pair with streetwear. There is a myriad of colour options and designs that every type of woman can enjoy and appreciate.

Low-top sneakers

This is a closet staple that never goes out of style. Almost all shoe brands have this kind of style available in different colours. It is a flexible style that can be worn with a pair of jeans and a dress for casual occasions or day-to-day activities. Even designer brands have this in their collection, and it slowly appears in runway shows. It can be worn during summer days and paired with denim shorts.

Classic Silhouette

The classic sneakers for women offer a slim silhouette that makes the design more feminine. It comes in a flat and slightly elevated midsole to add some height. This design is available in different colours, but the most popular colour is white. The search for the perfect white sneakers always starts or ends with a pair of classic white sneakers. This can be paired with any outfit, and the playful and brave sometimes use it for their weddings and other formal occasions.

Platform Sneakers

This type of sneakers with exaggerated soles was popular in the 90s but is now making its re-emergence in the market. It has a wider front that allows the toes to have room to wiggle and are generally more comfortable. It mixes high fashion with comfort, which makes it a favourite among women. They are flashy and are sure to make a statement when paired with any outfit.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are a practical pair to own. They are easy to put on when in a hurry, and they are easy to take off. They are usually low-cut without any laces. They are a fuss-free pair that can be worn with different outfits. Due to its minimal design, slip-on is usually light and comfortable to wear. They are easy to bring along in travels as they will not add much weight to luggage.

High-top Sneakers

Aside from minimising the risks of a foot injury, high-top sneakers are a favourite of women in fashion. It gives off a cool and chic vibe. It can be paired with flair pants and dresses. It has a boot-like look but more casual and more fun.

These women’s sneakers designs are just some of the many designs that are available in the market. With social media, access to outfit pegs and ideas has become easily accessible. It is now easy to follow trends, but it is also good to stick with a pair that brings the most comfort.

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