6 Reasons To Choose Hapag-Lloyd For Your Export Cargo And How To Track It

Hapag-Lloyd is a global leading German international shipping company established in 1970. The company is carrying its legacy of premium quality shipping services along with maintaining environmental standards. The transportation of the cargos is assured with minimum efforts on the part of the clients. The company highly recommended shipping services with easy communications, eco-friendly transportation, efficient Hapag tracking, and a wide coverage network.

Why Choose Hapag-Llyod for Your Shipping Business?

Hapag-Lloyd is a shipment service providing company. It has been long established and can be considered reliable and efficient for the shipment of cargo. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Hapag-Lloyd container services for your business:

1.   Availability of diverse types of containers

Hapag-Llyod offers multiple types of containers that best suit your requirements. All the containers go through a certification procedure that follows the safety regulations while going through ISO inspection.

●     Dry Cargo Containers

These containers are designed for all kinds of general cargo export.

●     Special Cargo Containers

These containers support heavy loads and oversized cargo. They are further categorized into flat rack/platform cargo and open-top/ hardtop to carry different types of cargo.

●     Reefer Containers

These are the containers with temperature control and facilitate the cargo that requires a specific temperature maintained while shipment.

Each type of container is designed in different ways with high cube containers for voluminous cargo and hardtop containers for heavy loads. Additionally, the containers are traceable through Hapag tracking

2.   The Quick Quotes tool

Hapag-Lloyd is equipped with the Quick Quotes tool which enables quick services to the client. The company is highly committed to faster and easier shipments. The Quick Quotes tool supports the requirements of the clients making instant bookings and generating quotations with a single click.

3.   Hapag Tracking through mobile application services.

Hapag-Lloyd simplifies the tracking process through its mobile app. Clients can always make bookings, check for the schedules of shipment, Hapag tracking, and even check for local offices to visit through this app.

The app provides several features to assist the clients in the easiest ways possible.

  • Direct booking options
  • Various binding offers
  • Regular updates on bookings
  • View all shipments in one place
  • Track and trace cargo containers
  • Navigator access on any device
  • Regular notifications on news related to Hapag-Lloyd
  • Multiple language support (assisting worldwide shipping network)

4.   Reliable shipping services

Hapag-Lloyd carries forward the legacy of premium shipment and transportation services. The services are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and delivered at best of the speed. The bookings are made under safety regulations which guarantee the safe delivery of the cargo.

5.   Transparency in pricing

Hapag-Lloyd provides very smooth services. From making the bookings to the shipment of cargo steps are easy to follow. The best reason to choose Hapag-Lloyd shipment services is the clarity in the pricing details of the services. The pricing is further assisted by the Quick Quotes tool provided by the company which generates the quotes with a single click.

6.   Services are available anytime, anywhere

The shipment services are accessible through websites and mobile applications. The alternatives provide the clients to comfortably book or track the cargo anytime and anywhere.

How to Track a Cargo?

You can carry out Hapag tracking orders via the website or through the mobile application. The company provides different easy-to-use alternatives to track the order.

●     By booking number

When you book a container, a booking number is generated. This is one of the direct ways for Hapag tracking. You are required to enter your booking number and bill of lading and you can easily track the booking.

●     By container number

This is another direct way of tracking cargo. You need to enter the container number which is composed of four letters and a 6-digit serialized number. This works as an identification number and thus makes the tracking convenient.

●     Vessel tracking

Vessel tracing services are for checking the schedule. With this, you can access all details such as ports, date of departure, and transition time period.

●     Subscription

Subscription is also one of the ways for Hapag tracking. This involves you being required to have your credentials along with you which includes your email id/ user id and your password. After logging in, you can have an overview of your booking and have details related to the current location of the cargo.

Hapag-Lloyd is a leading company with reliable and efficient shipping services for the export of your cargo. With its multiple alternatives in containers, cargos are shipped under safety regulations. The smooth functioning of mobile application and website assist you in the whole process from instant bookings to fast delivery for convenient business operations.

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