6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Engagement Rings 

Believe it or not, many people have unpleasant experiences when buying engagement rings, because of not having planned enough for that special task. We are going to teach you how to avoid those mistakes with some simple but practical tips.

Not selecting the price well

There are many materials and prices; we must adjust all of the above based on our situation and preferences.

Choosing the wrong size of the engagement rings

Finding the right size is not complex. In essence, it should be snug and allow you to twist, move up and down smoothly.

Hearing too many third party opinions

In this life, communication is essential, however, sometimes we receive too much information that ends up making it even more complicated.

Take into account what your friends, family, and others think, but, above all, listen to what your heart tells you.

However, wrapping ourselves in the opinions of others can be very useful to give us ideas but never choose based on what others think. If you are consistent with yourself, you will be much happier with what you choose. 

Letting ourselves be carried away by the first model we see

You enter an online or physical store and you see a model that suddenly makes you fall in love, stopping paying attention to other engagement rings equal to or more beautiful than that one.

Although at first, a jewel enters your eyes, perhaps, as you observe it better, you realize that it does not go with you and you prefer to choose another.

Heeding our intuition is a smart act; however, knowing how to differentiate it from haste will be of great help to you.”

For example:

You want to buy real diamond engagement rings, and unfortunately, you discover that they are much more expensive than your budget, maybe you did not know the fake diamond rings from Luxuria are Cheaper and of the same quality as natural ones.

Leave it for the last few days

It can go wrong for very different reasons such as:

  • Weather problems that hinder deliveries.
  • Last minute economic setbacks.
  • Availability of the desired jewel.

There is nothing like everything going as you have planned, and for this, it helps a lot to have extra time. We recommend planning the entire process at least a month in advance (if you can with more time, the better).

Buying from unreliable places

Unfortunately, there are people who try to scam others by selling online. The jewelry sector is not exempt.

While it is true that buying online is a very safe transaction, there are times when supposed sellers try to attract our attention with obscure purposes.

These cybercriminals play with our tastes and desires through criminal techniques such as phishing.

We are going to leave you some small points, with which, they could hardly deceive you:

Any online store with quality and guarantee must have the HTTPS security protocol installed.

If you are browsing an e-commerce, you go to the search engine and you see HTTP (in the upper bar), your bank details could be seen by criminals.

Do not enter the key of your card or similar through a suspicious email.

Other important and trustworthy points are:

The brand has active profiles on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). That you have telephone numbers and customer service emails. That it has a part dedicated, exclusively to the policy of returns, exchanges, privacy, etc.

At Luxuria Diamonds brand, we are clear and transparent with our clients, since we hope that your experience will be as easy, beautiful, inspiring, and lasting as possible. Take a look at our engagement rings and illuminate your life with the moment you have always dreamed of.

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