6 Genius Uses of Compact Powder You Must Try

If there’s one product that you can find in almost everyone’s makeup kit, it’s a compact powder. But do we use this holy-grail product to the best of its abilities? Not really. This versatile makeup product has a number of genius uses, apart from setting your base in place, which we still don’t know about. Here we talk about a few of these uses and share some exciting ways in which you can make the most of your compact powder. 

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# 1 Use it as a sher coverage foundation

On days when you don’t feel like going through your entire makeup routine, a swipe of compact powder can give you the required coverage without making your face appear cakey. This is also great for people who have oily skin and wish to brighten up their faces without using cream products. 

# 2 Make creamy lipsticks matte 

Matte lipsticks have been in trend for quite some time now and give an effortlessly stunning effect to your lips. But we all have a few satiny or creamy lipsticks that we wish were matte. You can achieve this with the help of a compact powder. Just dab a small amount of compact powder on your lips after applying your lipstick. The compact will soak up the excess moisture from the lipstick, make it look matte and will also help your lipsticks last much longer. This is undoubtedly one of the best translucent powder uses.

# 3 Use it as a base eyeshadow shade

If you’re looking for ways to make your eyeshadow pop and last longer, applying compact powder as a base can be a good option, especially if you have oily eyelids. Simply swipe a bit of compact powder on your eyelids before starting your eye makeup look, and get ready to flaunt vibrant and long-lasting eye looks. 

# 4 Use your compact powder to get luscious eyelashes

Who doesn’t love fuller, luscious eyelashes? Fluttery eyelashes can add a ton of drama to your look and make you look instantly glamorous. However, on days when you don’t want to bear the weight of falsies, a simple trick can help you add a splash of oomph to your lashes. Pick up some compact powder on a mascara wand and apply it to your lashes. Top it with a few coats of mascara, and voila! Say hello to fuller lashes. 

# 5 A perfect on-the-go makeup quick fix

If you’re building a makeup kit that you could take with yourself wherever you go, a compact powder should be one of the most important element. A compact is an ideal on-the-go makeup quick fix in the true sense. It can help you clear off access oil from your face and make it look fresh and clean. Moreover, it can give you quick touch-ups and instant coverage whenever you need it. 

# 6 You can use it to highlight the high points of your face

A compact powder or HD powder can help you clean down your contouring and bring in a more chiselled effect by highlighting the high points of your face. You can apply a generous amount of compact powder right under your contour line, your cheekbones, and on the bridge of your nose to enhance your features and give your face a more defined look. 

To conclude, a bonus tip is to always go for high-quality products from well-known brands. Since compact powders are a part of your base makeup, it is incredibly important for you to choose products that are safe and nourishing for your skin. Brands like SERY Cosmetics have brought some of the best compact powders and finishing powders to the market that are free from parabens and preservatives, making them completely safe for use. These compacts also give a long-lasting photo-friendly effect, which means you will not face any flashback. So visit their website today and check out these fantastic compact powders that will ensure you’re always insta-ready! 

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