6 Best Apps For Your Smartwatch

The smartwatch is a very useful device for daily life. And although they started with a few functions, today they can offer you a really wide range of possibilities and actions. If you find yourself reading these lines, it is likely that you already have a smartwatch on your wrist. The question we have to ask you is if you really get the most out of it. And whatever your answer, we are convinced that this article will help you. Next, we will tell you what are the best applications for your smartwatch with OS WearOS. 

Why smartwatches are the order of the day

In case you have a smartwatch based on the Android operating system, you can many apps download for different functionalities, such as monitoring your physical condition or even making a payment. With these Apps, you will be able to fully exploit the capacity of your smart watch. The fact that you install applications on your smartwatch with the WearOS operating system, regardless of whether it is a Huawei or Samsung model, will help you to do many actions through the clock. Have you ever made a reservation from your smartwatch? Or have you checked the time? If you have ever wondered how to Apps download and install on your smart watch, we must tell you that it is a process very similar to the one you carry out on your mobile. You just have to have Google Play Store installed on your smartwatch. It is true that for some of these applications to work, you will have to have it available on both sites, that is, on your mobile and on your watch. We are going to recommend some of the best applications for your smartwatch below.         

Google Maps

It is one of the most popular Apps and you will want to have it on your smartwatch. Thanks to Google Maps, you can not only check your location at a glance but also receive instructions and notifications during your route. In parallel, the application allows you access to many maps and a huge amount of information, so that your journeys are 100% complete.   


We are in the presence of one of the most secure messaging applications on the market. It has an impressive number of users and is, as we anticipated, one of the safest. Its version for smartwatches with the WearOS operating system gives you the option of seeing your chat history, sending messages, creating groups, and sending stickers. And everything, from your own wrist without needing your mobile.   

Wear Audio Recorder

It is a very, very useful application that, as its name indicates, allows you to make audio recordings directly from your smartwatch with the Android operating system. It is an App that will be really useful if you need to record a conversation or take a note or reminder, and you don’t have your mobile at your fingertips.   


We now turn to a question focused on video, rather than audio. Glide is an App available for smartwatches, which gives you the possibility to make a video call directly from your smartwatch. It is one of those tools that requires pairing the App so that the phone has perfect synchronization and that way you can receive and make video calls from your watch.   


Without a doubt, it is another essential for your watch with WearOS. Thanks to Google Pay, you can pay at any establishment using your own smartwatch. It is true that to perform this action, your smartwatch must have an NFC chip.   

Google Keep 

Through this application, you can take notes and reminders. It is a very easy-to-use tool that allows you to control your note lists directly from your wrist. Google Keep can be synced across all devices that you’ve signed in to with your Google account.  

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