5 Ways to Keep your AC Cool All Year Round

Your air conditioner works hard to keep your room cool. Its mechanisms may be difficult to comprehend by the average homeowner, but an air conditioner uses a straightforward process to cool the air in the room, and keep you comfortable.

That’s way when your AC breaks down, it can be such a hassle to have the problem fixed. Plus, you tend to get more irritable when the weather outside is too hot to bear. Regular upkeep of your air conditioner is the best maintenance you can do to keep your AC cool all year round.

Here are a couple of tips you can do to keep your room cool all year round with the help of your air conditioner:

1.  Clean the filter regularly.

The most basic care for any air conditioning unit is to clean the filter. Homeowners are on the fence on this step, as half of consumers are still unaware that they will need to clean the filter of the air conditioner every two weeks with regular use to keep the air conditioner working properly.

The filter catches all the dust and debris that go through the vents, so it makes sense that these need to be cleaned as often as you use the air conditioner to prevent the dust from accumulating on the filter. That accumulated dust can actually pose a fire hazard, and will require your air conditioner to work overtime to circulate the air through the thick layer of debris.

To clean your AC filter, you will need to check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to open and take out your air conditioner filter. Once out, wipe off as much dust as you can directly into a trash bag. Then clean the filter with some soap under running water, gently brushing off any dust trapped in the filter mesh. Dry then place back into your air conditioner.

2.  Get professional cleaning and maintenance.

Professional aircon cleaning and maintenance is essential in the upkeep of your air conditioner. While it may seem like a great expense, professional maintenance ensures that your air conditioner works in its best condition, which will save you repair expenses in the long run.

You will need to find a reputable local air conditioner repair company near you that services the model and brand of air conditioner that you have. Many companies offer basic cleaning services like general cleaning and maintenance, but you may need to get a chemical wash for your air conditioner if you haven’t had it cleaned in a while.

Professional cleaning and maintenance services for your air conditioner helps in lengthening the lifespan of your unit, and these services keep your air conditioner in top condition. In Singapore, look for Luce Aircon as they service all types and brands of air conditioners in the country! You can find their full list of services here:

3.  Keep your AC at an optimal temperature.

The AC has an optimal temperature range that keeps your room cool without overworking the evaporator coils and condensers. For most units, the range is from 20-24 degrees celsius, which is comfortable enough to tackle the outdoor heat.

Inverter units, however, are more sustainable and energy efficient than non-inverter units. Inverter air conditioners slow their compressor speed once they reach the optimal temperature, so there is no worries about the air conditioner overworking itself due to the temperature on the thermostat.

4.  Clean the outdoor unit.

Besides maintaining the indoor unit, the outdoor unit needs upkeep as well. The outdoor unit is the big box that came with your air conditioner, and attaches to your indoor unit through a tube. In window-type air conditioners, the outdoor and indoor units are two sides of the same unit.

Because the outdoor unit is exposed to the elements like weather, dust, and moisture, it is susceptible to dirt and rust frequently. Wiping the outdoor unit clean from time to time is a good practice, and keeping fallen leaves off helps to ensure proper air circulation within your home.

5.  Keep your doors and windows closed.

Finally, keep your doors and windows closed to keep the cool air from escaping the room. In general physics, warm air tends to move faster than cold air, and can alter the room temperature as it enters through the wide gap in the door or window. A warm room will make your AC unit work harder, and can fail to cool the room properly.

As much as possible, keep these fixtures closed to keep the room cool. Drawing in the shades also helps to keep the room cool as curtains bar the heat of the sunlight from entering your room. Your artificial light may also be emitting heat, so best to stick to mild LED lights and other non-heating light sources.

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