5 Ways To be Healthier After Surviving a Heart Attack

Returning to normal life after surviving a heart attack can be frightening. It is normal to panic because staying at rest for an elongated period is taxing on both the body and mind. The world around suddenly becomes all about taking medicines and eating properly and on time. But in case of a heart attack, it is also not possible to immediately bounce back to a normal routine. It takes time and a lot of care before one can resume a healthy lifestyle. This is also important to prevent any further damage to your heart.

Following are 5 habits that one should take care of after surviving a heart attack:

Take your medications:

After you suffer from a heart attack, medicines are prescribed to prevent future blood clots and help your heart in recovering and performing better. The medicines regulate the cholesterol levels and keep a control over the irregular heartbeats and improve circulation. It is very important to keep your medicines organized and take them on time regularly. Mark your calendars or activate a reminder that reminds you to take your course of medicines and visit doctor regularly.

Change your lifestyle:

Only medicines won’t help you cure completely and regain your heart’s health. There are some lifestyle changes that must be adopted, like:

Quit Smoking:

Smoking directly impacts the heart’s health. If after a heart attack, the patient continues to smoke, then the chances of heart attack and its complications increase. Smoking tobacco after surviving a heart attack might lead to irreversible damage to the heart. Reach out to doctors or counsellors who help with some anti-addiction activities.

Surviving a heart attack is a life-changing event that often prompts individuals to reassess their lifestyle choices. There are several ways to improve your health post-recovery, and you can explore these strategies here. One aspect of this health journey could be understanding the role of life-saving devices like Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). A common question that arises is how many times can you use a defibrillator. Knowing this information can be empowering and contribute to your overall health strategy

Switch to low fat diet:

Statins present in the medications are responsible for lowering the blood cholesterol levels. Along with this, your body needs some important dietary changes like avoiding sweetened, oily or fried food. Register with a dietician who can help you with the required information about your food and its cholesterol levels.

Check on your blood pressure and blood sugar levels:

High blood pressure levels damage the inner lining of the coronary arteries, leading to an increased risk of heart attack. It is important to control sodium levels in the food consumed to regulate blood pressure levels. Also, if you are already taking medicines for BP and Diabetes then inform your cardiologist about those prescriptions as well.

Laughing exercises:

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Each time we laugh, our heart pumps blood. Happy hormones make recovery easy.

Maintain an exercise plan:

It is crucial to have a regular exercise plan and follow it to maintain the energy level and relieve stress from the body. But before beginning any exercise program, it is important to consult with your doctor first. The mission is to avoid having a body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2. If you are overweight, then the heart has to work hard to pump blood across the body. Thus, exercise is also extremely unavoidable.

Keep stress and anger levels low:

High stress levels directly impact heart’s functioning. Thus, add an hour of relaxation or meditation or yoga to get rid of the stress build up.

Cardiac Rehabilitation:

A cardiac rehabilitation program helps you recover from post heart attack with medically supervised plans. The experts plan sessions that focus on improving heart’s strength. These programs reduce the risk of another heart attack by managing complications even before they develop. The specialists take constant feedback on everyday health and recommend changes backed with science.

Along with these, one must make it compulsory to visit their doctor and undergo diagnostic tests at regular intervals. Such tests help in detecting the artery blockages and stop them from progressing. Thus, the fact of the matter remains that, either you must take care of yourself or take help from the specialists who can help your heart regain its health.

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