5 ways to attract wildlife to your garden

Birds singing, and bees buzzing are some of the great joys that come from owning a garden and for some, their garden is a little sanctuary for the wildlife. Not only is having a garden filled with local wildlife beautiful and relaxing it is also a great way to keep your garden healthy and alive. Birds are essentially the security guards of your garden; they eat harmful bugs, insects and slugs that may endanger your plants, as well as eat weeds and their seeds. Bees, bugs and worms are also great! Bees help pollinate your plants and keep them thriving and healthy. Worms love to thrive in healthy soil, and provide nutrients for the plants to grow in and are also a great snack for a bird if they’re feeling peckish. This article will suggest some great ways to encourage the beautiful local Australian wildlife to spend their time in your garden.

Creating a garden that attracts wildlife can be a rewarding experience, offering a chance to observe nature’s beauty up close. This article provides five effective ways to make your garden a haven for various wildlife species. However, it’s important to remember that not all creatures are beneficial for your garden. If you find yourself dealing with unwanted pests, pest control san antonio can help ensure your garden remains a sanctuary for you and the wildlife you wish to attract.

Before we get started, here’s a free tip. Keep in mind when catering for wildlife to remember to use as few pesticides as possible, or remove it entirely from your garden. Pesticides can poison the birds, bees and good bugs and insects in your garden, plus, it isn’t really that healthy for the plants either to have poison on them. While pesticides do a great job of getting rid of pesky insects, wild birds and lizards are a great, natural way to keep the pest population down.

Grow the right plants

Flowering plants

The local wildlife loves nothing more than plants, especially ones that have flowers and are native to your local area. Try to have a variety of plants and trees that flower at different times of the year, so you can keep your garden blooming all year round. There is a vast array of beautiful local Australian plants that the wildlife love, such as geraniums, grevilleas, pansies, tea trees, bottlebrushes and banksias.

Shrubs and bushes

Birds love to make nests, and there isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t want to in your garden. Grow some thick and dense shrubs and plants to provide a home and shelter for the local birds. Some great thick plants to consider are lemon myrtle, rosemary bushes, fuchsia, and paperbark trees or shrubs. Nothing is more adorable than hearing the chirping of baby birds in a little homemade nest.

Fruit trees

Another great addition to the garden that birds and local wildlife will love is fruit trees, especially if you want to encourage beautifully coloured parrots, such as lorikeets, gallahs, cockatoos. Parrots love to chew on all different kinds of fruits, so some trees to consider are apple, fig, cherry, peach and lilly-pillies.

Food and water

Install feeders and boxes for birds to come and get a bite to eat, doing this will encourage them to stay or revisit if they’re migrating. Don’t forget to leave them some water dishes as well so they can get a drink, especially on those hot days. Avoid anything processed, this includes bread, as it can be dangerous for some birds to ingest. So, keep it natural, your local pet shops should have seed mixes, they will be fine for birds so long as they don’t have any added sugars or salts in the mix. You can sprinkle a small amount of seed around your lawn too, so they can rummage around in the grass and plants.

Remember to try not overfeed them, so they become reliant on you as a source of food. Wild birds should get their food the natural way, so just have a light sprinkle in your bird box and garden, and top it up once every two or three days if it gets low.

Ponds and water features

Wildlife love water, and they’ll love your landscaping water features, and ponds. Water fountains are great, as they look beautiful and provide a great perch for the birds when they take a bath and drink.

Encourage the local slippery folk too with some ponds, aka frogs and lizards. Plant in some lilies and water weeds, so frogs can make a perfect home. Perhaps, if you want to get extra fancy, install a small landscape waterfall for them to swim and jump along.

Large rocks, stones and dried wood

If you have some large rocks lying around, put them to good use. Line some up along the edges of ponds (or even in the center of, to act as a perch), and garden beds. Some driftwood or dried logs are also another great option and provide a great place for frogs to hide out if you put them in or around your ponds.

Lizards love to sunbake on the hard, and warm surface of rocks and wood. Who doesn’t love to see a water dragon, goanna or blue tongue relaxing in their garden? They’re beautiful animals that are great at keeping down the insect population in your garden, so you should give them a place to rest from all their hard insect-eating work.

Invite the creepy crawlies!

Insects, bugs and beetles are great to keep in your garden, they provide healthy nutrients for plants, and are also a great source of food for the birds and lizards. Install some nest boxes, or even a bee house to keep up the local bug life. They go great on the branches of trees and bushes, or you can even place some hollowed, wood and logs to give a home to some insects and bugs.

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