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5 Wall Shelves and Storage Ideas That You Can Try In Your Homes

Organizing stuff can be a handful but it can also be a lot of fun because you will be able to design it according to your own discretion. Having storage shelves can allow us to put our things in order. In addition to that, shelves are not only for bedrooms or bathrooms, but it is also very flexible because you can put it anywhere in your homes to make it more personal and you can organize everything according to their uses. In this article, you will be able to see some ideas that can help you choose among the storage shelves which will fit your beautiful homes. It may be classic, modern or a mixture of both. One thing is for sure, after going through this article, you’re going to grab your purse, take down notes and get ready to look for some of these wall storage shelves or much better if you can have some of these shipped to you, instead.

1. Wall Mounted Shelves

Greenco created this simple yet elegant 4 Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelves made out of durable MDF laminate. It will make your room brighter because of its white color. It is tagged as one of Amazon’s Choice for decorative shelves. All the necessary hardware equipment is already included so mounting it on the wall can be easy and you don’t have to worry because the materials used in installing it won’t be visible.  This can fit your living room, dining room bedroom or office perfectly.  

2. Love – Kankei Floating Shelves

Just like Greenco, this is also one of the top choices in Amazon when you’re looking after wall shelves. This is a simple, rustic style and multifunctional shelf of 3 where you can place your succulent plants, books or photos of your family. Perfect in the living room and bedroom. Rest assured that it is long-lasting because it is made of solid Paulownia wood boards which means that it is light and warp–resistant. It may look simple but definitely extraordinary. 

3. Over the Toilet Bathroom Shelf by UTEX

This is a must-have to maximize your space in your bathroom. And not just maximizing it, but making it look elegant and cool. This 3 – shelf bathroom organizer can help you properly store your bathroom essentials: from towels, toiletries, shampoos, soaps, to toilet cleaners. And because this is an open shelf, it will make it easier for you to locate or grab your things without wetting them.

4. Micup Floating Shelves

Set of 2 floating shelves that can be mounted on the wall to store personal things. You can place it in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen area where you can place your essentials. This is worth every penny because not only is it cost-effective but it is made of solid pine wood which means that it is strong, has long service life and is heat resistant. Underneath the two floating shelves, there is a towel holder installed beneath it and has a bonus of 8 hooks that can be moved. And there’s more, despite its very elegant style, this does not look like just a shelf, but as a decoration too! You can have this installed quickly with all the necessary equipment included without any hassle because of the simple instructions that come with it.

5. Wall Mounted Entryway Hanging Shelf by HOMFA

Fit for a person who is both into classical and modern style. An excellent choice for those looking for space saver shelves that can also work as a decorative design. It is very light and safe for kids because it is made of environmentally friendly solid MDF material, stain and wear-resistant and high–grade melamine faced panels which assure you that it is durable. Also, this multipurpose shelf has four useful hooks where you can hang your coat, or towel if you are going to place this in your bathroom; or you can also place your books, car keys and wallet if you are placing this in your bedroom and living room.

Brilliant Creations: Our Takeaway

We have just listed in this article, 5 multipurpose wall shelves that you can get your homes to make them more attractive, elegant and spacious. You should invest in some of these shelves for your homes to be more organized. And not only that, it allows you to decorate your homes in such a way that it also releases some of your stress. Beautifying our homes allows us to bring out the best in us and in what we can do to make it better. 

Just keep in mind that when you invest in some things, it should be able to last for long and make sure that you do not put more weight than the allowed requirement. Let us also take good care of these shelves so they could last a long time and most especially, keep them clean and free of dust.

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