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5 Unique Benefits of Cold brew coffee you Never Knew Before

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Cold-brew is one coffee connotation that is gaining popularity amongst coffee-lovers pretty quickly. The reason behind this popularity is the flavor cold brew provides. It is super smooth, less acidic, and is perfect for the scorching heat.

Although, these are not the only benefits that cold brew provides. There are tons of other benefits that we will be discussing below. But first things first, let's see what is a cold brew and how you can make one using coffee pods?

Cold brew: Is it the same as iced coffee?

No, cold brew is not the same or even slightly similar to iced coffee. When you talk about iced coffee, it is hot brewed coffee. You cool it and serve.

However, to make a cold brew, steep coffee into room temperature or cold water for a minimum of 24 hours or a maximum of 48 hours. The steeping process allows the water to extract beautiful flavors from the coffee. The result is a sweet, smooth, chocolate flavored coffee.

You can add more cold water or milk or sugar or whipped cream to it afterward.

How to brew cold brew using coffee pods?

For brewing cold brew using Nespresso coffee pods, you need:

  • Nespresso pods- dark roast
  • Pitcher
  • Water
  • Something for straining

To brew:

  • First brew espresso using pods in a single-serve machine.
  • Then, in a pitcher, add that espresso and pour room-temperature or cold water
  • Let it steep for a day or two.
  • After a minimum of 24 hours, take the pitcher out. In a tall glass filled with ice cubes, add the cold brew after straining it.
  • Add more water or milk as per your choice, and your cold brew is ready.

Benefits of cold brew

Cold brew coffee unquestionably takes a lot of time and patience. However, the result is worth the wait. If you need more convincing as to why you should try cold brew, here are some benefits of indulging in this pure cup of coffee full of joy.

1. It provides a high caffeine kick

Since the steeping process of cold brew is pretty long, its caffeine ratio is pretty high too. The amount of caffeine to water ratio in the cold brew is around 1:60. This number might seem like too much caffeine, but most people don’t drink cold brew out of the fridge.

They either add more ice cubes, water, milk, or creamer in the cold brew, thus reducing the caffeine kick.

In any case, if you want to drink something cold that also alerts and energizes you, cold brew is the perfect drink for that. Just dilute it with water or milk as per your taste if the caffeine is a bit high for you.

2. Boosts your metabolism

Coffee is said to boost your metabolism, which helps burn calories faster and aids in weight loss. As cold brew has enough caffeine in it like espresso, drinking it can boost up your metabolism. If you drink a cold brew during summers before workout, it will boost your metabolism in a similar way that espresso does any other time.

3. Cold-brew is easier to digest

Several people who love coffee are unable to digest it, especially if they drink it empty stomach. It either causes acid reflux or other digestive issues. If that is the case for you as well, enjoy a cold brew.

Studies have shown that cold brew can cause less acidity in people. It is also smoother in taste, and when you add milk or creamer to it, the acidity reduces even more.

4. It makes you look good

Coffee is full of antioxidants and sometimes the only source of the same for few people. Antioxidants help fight free radicals in our body, which help us look young by defeating signs of aging.

It also works wonders for our hair. And since cold brew has enough antioxidants, you should give it a try, especially if hot java is something you do not want to try. By visiting this site you can what is Mark says about this.

5. An easy brew

Cold brew coffee doesn’t require extensive equipment or skills, just patience. The regular beans, pods, or instant coffee you have works great, and other than that, you need water, a pitcher, and a filtration method, which can be a French Press or a cheesecloth.

Therefore, an inexpensive and easy doable coffee brewing method resulting in a smooth-textured coffee.

Time to try your first cold brew? It will not disappoint you. Do comment about your experience below.

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