5 Tips to Remember when selecting the Best LED Headlight bulbs

When it’s time to upgrade your vehicle, the first thing that comes to mind is switching to an effective lighting system. As compared to HID bulbs, the LED headlights turn on instantly. They emit light quickly due to the reaction between chemicals and gas. So, when you are selecting the best-LED headlight bulbs, you should understand what you need to consider. With this in mind, you can check out these five tips to choose and buy the best headlight bulbs.

#1 Check the brightness and beam pattern:

As most drivers take their vehicle out at night, having adequate brightness in headlights becomes a necessity. You should observe the beam pattern the bulb presents on the road. The structure of the cooling system and the LED chip determine the pattern. Moreover, the direction of the beam pattern depends on the type of vehicle. In a right-hand drive vehicle, LED lights for car interior will direct the beam towards the right-hand side. Similarly, for the left-hand drive vehicles.

#2 Observe the size closely:

When choosing an LED headlight according to the car’s appearance, you must check out the size. In comparison with the classic halogen lights, the diode models are much larger in LED headlights. In case the headlight doesn’t fit properly, the technician will have to make holes in the housing. You may also have to spend a bit more to buy a large head bulb cover. So, to avoid bearing the unnecessary expenses, it’s better to select a headlight bulb of a suitable size.

#3 Consider the overall performance:

Before selecting the best-LED headlight bulbs, you must check the performance. To determine how the LED headlight will perform, you first need to consider the lumens. This parameter is nothing but the product of light efficacy and power. Most of the time, the headlights come with an efficacy of less than 100 lm/W. The color rendering index (CRI) defines the bulb’s output. It represents the capability of the light to reveal an object’s color across a scale from 1 to 100.

#4 Check the Colour Temperature:

In the automotive lighting industry, the color temperature determines the light quality. On the Kelvin Scale, if the color temperature is as high as 1000 Kelvin, then the light appears blue. The headlights look cool when they emit light during the night. But, a lower color temperature (3000 Kelvin) makes the light appear yellow. The bulbs radiating yellow color are ideal for driving during inclement climatic conditions. But, for safe driving, it’s better to go for bulbs with 6000 Kelvin as the color temperature.

#5 Consider the lifespan of the LED bulb:

While you can’t observe the lifespan of a bulb among the specifications, it’s crucial to consider it for safety. If you’re not aware of the lifespan, then you may have to face risks for long drives when you turn on both the headlights at night. Additionally, you may take a lot of time to replace a burned-out headlight bulb at any instance. You may have to spend more time, especially when you will have to remove the front bumper. The time for which the LED bulb lasts depends on how much heat the LED chip can handle.

Bottom Line

Before making an LED headlight purchase, you need to observe the fitment because the LED bulb may not fit due to its size. Try selecting the best-LED headlight bulbs only after checking the size of the heatsink. When you shop for new headlights, you should check the space available for the heatsink. You should consider researching the brand before purchasing the headlights. If you are not sure about the reputation of the brand, then you can check out reviews. You can speak with local dealers to find the most commonly used headlights.

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