5 tips for the business owners that want to survive recession

Levels of brainstorming

Finding business ideas that don’t even exist yet is not easy. Also finding ideas that are 100% yours. But that doesn’t matter: Instead of finding a completely new business idea, you can also rely on the modification or optimization of a proven business idea. Here are the three stages to finding a good business idea:

  1. Improve existing idea
  2. Modify a proven idea
  3. Find new idea

Surviving recession with video marketing

If you want to survive recession, then you should focus more on marketing. Video marketing is the first thing right now. TikTok and YouTube are dominating trends. There are billions of internet users, so you should diversify investments and focus more on video platforms. What has to be a strategy in this case? Create a content plan that you believe would work. Try to understand how competitors are getting views and why people love their content. Start putting more video content on YouTube and TikTok. At the same time, buy instant YouTube views for each video you upload on channel to get a better organic reach. 

Optimization of an existing business idea

Many business ideas have already proved successful. Changing this recipe for success just to create something new doesn’t always make sense here. If you rely on an already proven business model, the question is rather whether the market is big enough to start a successful business with this idea. Market shares are hotly contested. Accordingly, you have to think about your unique selling proposition with which you want to set yourself apart from your competitors in order to get a sufficient piece of the pie.

 Franchise systems

Established companies sell the rights to use the name and concept of their business idea for a fee. The advantage: You get a working business model including a marketing plan without having to raise a lot of equity for a new business idea. This also minimizes your risk. 

So-called copycats are also a good alternative. Here you can look at successful companies from other countries and try to draw inspiration from them for starting a business in Germany. Taking over an existing business

is also a good opportunityIf you succeed in convincing the customer base of the quality of your work and your products, they will probably remain loyal to you.

Modification of a proven business idea

Are you convinced that you can do better? Why not? The idea behind this approach is not new. But maybe your offer, with which you solve an existing problem better than your competitors. If you succeed in increasing the benefit for the customer, they will decide in favor of you and your offer.

Find a completely new business idea

Developing a completely new idea is of course the supreme discipline. Compulsively wanting to found a company in a certain industry just because business ideas are doing particularly well there usually does not lead to success. It is better to use your own interests and skills as a basis for your idea. Because as a  founder, you should fully support your business idea and convince your customers and business partners without having to bend over backwards. Turning  your hobby into a job  makes a lot more sense. In an area in which you are familiar and have already gained experience, it is usually easier to find good business ideas for your self-employment.

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