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5 Tips for Choosing a Top Divorce Lawyer

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In the last year, there's been a 314% increase in Australian couples thinking of separating. If you're included in these statistics, you may need to hire a divorce lawyer. Without a good divorce lawyer, the case will be more stressful, will go on for longer, and you'll be less likely to get a favourable outcome.

So, what exactly should you look for in a good divorce lawyer? This article lists five essential qualities.

1. Find a Lawyer or Firm That Specializes in Family Law

Family law is a complex and ever-evolving area of law in Australia. If you want to get the best possible results after experiencing a relationship breakdown, you need legal representation committed to working in family law with extensive knowledge in this area.

2. Choose a Lawyer with Experience

The best divorce lawyer isn't just someone who specializes in the correct legal area. They also need to have practical experience as well. You should ask any potential lawyer for some examples of successful cases.

How long have they been working in the business, and what is their success rate? The longer someone has been working in the field, the more knowledgeable they are and the more likely they can deliver positive results.

3. Chose a Client-Focused Lawyer

If you want to become separated from your partner, you need to find a client-focused lawyer. Being client-focused means that your lawyer will take the time to learn and understand the details of your case.

They'll also check in with you regularly to make sure you're aware of everything you'll need to know about the case.

4. Start Researching Early

If you've just been separated or if you're about to become separated, it's not the ideal time to look for a lawyer. If you're experiencing issues in your relationship that you suspect might result in a relationship breakdown, it makes a lot of sense to start researching early.

When you already have a rough idea about the lawyer you'll go with, it makes the whole process a little bit less stressful. You might even consider doing a consultation with a lawyer early on in the process as well. This can make you even more prepared if you do end up separating from your partner.

5. Choose a Lawyer You Trust

Finally, it's important that you hire a divorce lawyer you can trust and with whom you have a good working relationship.

Make sure that your values and desired outcomes are in alignment before you commit to working with a specific lawyer. The right way to find out if a divorce lawyer is right for you is by scheduling an initial consultation.

You'll also be able to find out their rate of pay. It's not advisable to hire a lawyer without first doing an initial consultation.

The Right Divorce Lawyer Can Make a Difference

Divorce lawyers are a vital part of separating from your partner. The process will probably be quite stressful, so it can really help to have found an experienced divorce lawyer you can trust.

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