5 Things to Know Before Moving to Texas

Cactus! Sunny weather! Dry and rocky landscapes! That is what crosses one’s mind when hearing the word Texas. Funny, right? Well, jokes aside, what do you know about Texas?

Maybe you know that:

  • It is a state in the US close to the Mexican border
  • It is located in the south-central part of the states 
  • Austin is the capital city, while Houston is the largest one

If your knowledge about Texas is limited to this point, but you have plans to move to Texas, continue reading. Learn about the five essential things you need to know before moving to Texas. 

Broaden your knowledge about Texas

If you have made a decision to move to Austin, Texas, we suggest you learn a little bit about life there. This way, you’ll be more prepared and informed of what to expect when you arrive. 

Here’s a rundown of things you should know before moving to Texas:

  1. Weather in Texas
  2. Cost of living 
  3. Taxation nuances
  4. Healthcare and health insurance
  5. Worklife in Texas

Texas is positioned in the south-central part of the USA, and it covers several climate zones which ensure all the seasons. 

Moreover, depending on your location in Texas, the weather can vary strictly. In the case of Austin, be prepared to experience hot summers and comparably mild winters. 

For example, in August it can be as hot as 96°F. So, when you decide to pack your things to Austin, make sure you take with you light clothes, sandals, shorts, and maybe a couple of long-sleeve blouses for the winter. 

People usually pay much attention to proper air conditioning, like in the car, in their apartment, so before you move, make sure you or your friends rent fully furnished apartments in Austin, Texas, with AC, household amenities, and facilities. When walking outside, it is better to keep a water bottle with you and always stay hydrated, especially during summers. 

Texas is considered to be quite affordable compared to other states. It is believed that life in Texas is cheaper than the average in other parts of the US. 

So, if you are thinking about moving to Texas, research a little about the different cities and regions. This will help find out the best option for you, as depending on the town or even the location of a specific city, the cost of living may vary.   You can make the rent even more affordable in Texas by finding a room for rent in Houston easily online.


However, to sum up, Texas is affordable to live in. Relocation may sometimes be stressful, but you have all the chances to avoid additional stress. You just need to do your “homework” before you decide to pack your bags and luggage. 

Of course, it is also notable that the cost of living depends on various factors, such as cheap health insurance, even free medical insurance, affordable options for housing, and different taxation estimates. This is because of not having income tax or offering a business-friendly environment. With all of these benefits, the economy is growing in Texas, and getting a job in Texas makes it more accessible.  

So before moving to Texas, do your research on the cities and choose the city you want to settle in based on your job offers, accommodation options, and weather specifics. Then, prepare in advance and get ready for your new adventures in Texas!

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