5 things to experience on a Nile cruise

Traveling one of the two longest rivers in the world is almost certainly on one or the other’s bucket list. Fulfilling this wish is not that difficult nowadays.
Numerous travel agencies offer you the opportunity to take part in Nile cruise or to integrate them individually into your own travel route. In terms of price, there is something to be found for every budget. Today we would like to introduce you to 5 things that you will experience during this unique journey. Your anticipation is guaranteed to increase!

1. Follow in the footsteps of the pharaohs in Luxor

Most cruises start their route in Luxor, in southern Egypt, and then move leisurely northwards. In Luxor, however, you will already encounter some of the country’s highlights, as the city is also known as the former capital of the pharaohs. Here you can visit imposing temples, as well as the famous Valley of the Kings.

2. Visit the ancient trading city of Egypt: Aswan

Aswan was already one of the most important trading centers in the country in ancient times. Due to its good location, Aswan is still important for business today. However, when you book a Luxor Aswan Nile cruise, you will see more than what the industry has to offer. The river islands around Aswan are particularly interesting. These include Elephantine and El Nabatat Island or Kitchener’s Island. These islands are home to temple sites and paradisiacal gardens..

3. Cairo and the Giza pyramids

Of course, your trip to Egypt would not be complete without visiting the country’s capital. Cairo can be pretty wild and chaotic, but it is also incredibly beautiful. Above all, you can learn a lot about the country’s culture here. Not far from the capital, you also have the opportunity to take a trip to the gigantic pyramids of Giza.

4. Wilderness and natural spectacles

Due to the unique fertility that the Nile gives the country, you will cross a wide variety of regions on a Luxury Nile cruises. Surrounded today by mountains or endless green spaces, tomorrow you can find yourself in the middle of one of the largest desert landscapes in the world, the Sahara. That is unique and a powerful experience. The conditions on the Nile have also given a home to some wild animals. This includes crocodiles and hippos. While you would probably prefer to only observe them from a safe distance from the ship, these creatures are yet another experience. Where can you see wild crocodiles?

5. Don’t forget: relaxation and recreation

Of course, a cruise on the Nile not only entails all kinds of adventure, it also offers you plenty of relaxation and entertainment, as it should be for this type of trip. In the end, you are on vacation and the peace and quiet should not be neglected. They have a wide variety of cruise lines crossing the Nile. From small sailing cruise lines to some of the world’s largest cruise lines offering an adventure, everything is available.

Customize your trip to suit your needs

In summary, taking a Nile cruise is the most beautiful itinerary recommended to tourists in Egypt. There is hardly a sight that you cannot cover with a cruise. Usually, the ships stop in larger cities for several hours or even a few days so that you can inquire. If you want to make a special or a longer stop, find out more from the provider beforehand – anything should be possible!

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