5 Signs Your Muscle Pain is Worse than What You Imagine

Muscle pain occurs when you do countless bicep curls at the gym or lift heavy boxes at work. You feel sore at specific parts of your body, but it usually goes away on its own. But what if it doesn’t?

You can feel your muscles ache six to twelve hours after exercising or doing a strenuous physical activity. The pain lasts up to 48 hours or worse, two weeks before it gets better. If it persists, the muscle pain you are experiencing now might signal something worse. Below are some of the worst possible conditions behind muscle pains.

1. Inflammatory condition

People over 65 are at risk of inflammatory muscle conditions such as polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). This condition includes stiffness and aching in the neck, upper arms, thighs, and lower back. The symptoms of PMR can occur overnight, and it isn’t easy to diagnose. As of today, the cause of this condition is still unknown.

To reduce its symptoms, you can drink turmeric latte, which potentially lowers inflammation levels in the body, and click here to learn about turmeric relief cream. Your doctor might also recommend taking corticosteroids to reduce stiffness that is sidelining you.

2. Fibromyalgia

If your muscle pain includes tenderness and you also experience sleep problems and fatigue, it might be fibromyalgia. This condition also makes you go through mental and emotional distress, headaches, stiffness all over the body, and more.

According to a study, 4 million adults in the US have fibromyalgia. People with this condition are more sensitive to pain, and its cause is still unknown. On the other hand, this condition is treatable and can be managed.

3. Lyme disease

One of the symptoms of Lyme disease is body aches. It also causes flu-like fever, stiff neck, and fatigue. Lyme disease occurs when a person is infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and sometimes, Borrelia mayonii. Infected black-legged ticks transmit this bacterium through their bite.

Sometimes a person bitten by infected black-legged ticks shows a hallmark bullseye-like rash. But since rash doesn’t always show, consult your doctor immediately when symptoms occur.

4. Rhabdomyolysis

Workouts commonly cause muscle pain, which shows they are becoming stronger. However, overdoing your workouts could lead to rhabdomyolysis. This condition happens when muscle tissue breaks down and releases myoglobin in the bloodstream. When this happens, it might cause damage to your kidney.

Some symptoms of rhabdomyolysis are dark urine, muscle aches, stiffness, weakness, and tenderness. If you are experiencing these, seek immediate medical attention.

5. Infection

Muscle pain also indicates infection. If your favorite pain relief home remedy is not working or at least reducing the pain, the affected area is swollen or red, and you catch a fever, it might be due to infection. If you have no reason to have muscle pain, such as beginning to work out or lifting heavy objects, your doctor might check you for a possible infection.


To conclude, muscle pains that come with other symptoms might signify a more serious health condition. So, visit your doctor immediately once your muscle pains are not improving for more than two weeks or if other health issues start to arise and get a pain patch online.

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