5 SEO Missteps to Avoid

Every single day there are around 2.4 billion internet users making over 5 million searches per minute, and competing in this medium should take some serious work from your digital marketing team. Here is a closer look at five of the most common mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization and exactly what you can do to avoid them.

Not Researching Keywords

As with any form of marketing or advertising, research is going to be vital when it comes to a successful campaign. Unfortunately, many businesses never attempt to research keywords or fail to think like a potential customer when it comes to keywords and phrases. SEORUS, a leading SEO Melbourne Company tell us that this is one of the most important steps in this process, often industry professionals name their products or services based on industry terminology that make sense to them. However, the average consumer will search for that same product or service very differently and this is why keyword research is important. You need to know how the consumer is looking for your product/service to give them the easiest path to it. You can spend all the money you want optimising a site but if it isn’t for the correct keywords it will result in a lot of wasted time and money.

Here are 3 important tips for keyword research:

  1. Focus on your topics and content regardless of key phrases or words

Google has had advancements in analyzing and optimizing web content now than ever before. It is no longer merely a search engine that contemporarily filters the content based on keywords and ranks it accordingly in search and browsing results. Google can now get familiar with a particular content, its quality, and purpose. It is suggested that Google has gone more efficient and fairer now. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to deliver content that is not compromised in terms of quality, addresses the matter in question and gives a broad outlook on a particular topic searched by a web user.

  1. Conventional tools are no longer efficient

Internet marketers or whoever offers good quality content must know about “Keyword Planner” – a tool used for keyword research. It displays volumes of searches and has an efficient mechanism that delivers noteworthy ideas for keywords around a standard keyword. However, there is a lot more to look for than just that. There is a way that is better and more optimized with the newest advancements of SEO. People have to look for keyword suggestions and search data from leading search engines. It is rather simpler and advanced; the more research is done, the more there is to discover and certainly more to pick up and incorporate. The leading platforms to look for are top social networks and search engines.

  1. Incorporate social networks to filter viral and trendy topics

It is a no-brainer to only confine your keyword research with keyword tools. Since there is an array of ideas and topics, a minimal keyword tool just does not reveal them on a broader outlook. Forum sites and groups with regard to your niche are far better places to conduct your keyword research, which opens you to more options that you can dive in and explore further.


It was not long ago that keyword stuffing was the norm when it came to website optimization. The quality of the website was almost always put second as bad content was riddled with too many keywords, blocks of writing, and very little in the way of useful information for traffic. The top search engines such as Google quickly came up with ways to not only recognize over-optimization, but to actually penalize sites that do this.

A Site Not Optimized for Mobile Use

Around 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone and 7 percent of those individuals are completely reliant on these mobile devices for internet access. If a website is not optimized for mobile use, SEOs are going to be missing out on a large percentage of the market. More people than ever now grab their smartphone to find directions, look up menus, read reviews, or skim products before making a purchase.

Duplicating Content

Any content that is duplicated in multiple areas throughout a website or taken from other sites is going to be disastrous for an SEO campaign. There are few things that will hurt the rankings of a site as much as copied content and spam. If a website already has multiple pages with identical content, it is important to remove the extra pages or have them redirect to a single page.

Old Content

Even if SEOs do not plan on having daily social media updates and weekly press releases, it is important to keep all content as current as possible. Small additions such as adding employee bios and updating contact information for the company will show the search engine algorithms that a website is still active. Many SEOs can keep their site fresh with a regular blog, white pages, and other simple updates.

SEO often seems overwhelming for the average business owner, and that is why it is always best to focus on quality. One of the easiest ways to lay a great foundation for any website is to focus on providing pertinent information to visitors above all else. From there, owners can begin to explore minor changes to actually optimize their site and improve their rankings.


SEO is a complex task and requires you to stay up-to-date on key changes of search engines. So If you are not expert enough to handle your SEO project, it’s time to consider hiring an SEO company who is able to grow your business and maximize your revenue.

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