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5 SEO Formatting Tips for Readability

If you’re not SEO formatting your content properly, you may be losing out. Readability is key when it comes to any online content, whether it’s an e-commerce site, a website selling products or services, or even a blog. Readability applies to all formats. Follow a number of tips for readability that not only promotes professional seo firm, but makes your content easy to read.

Tip #1: Keep it short

Make your paragraphs short and surround them with space. Content that is heavily worded or overlong increases the risk of the user leaving the page or your entire website. This is known as a bounce rate, or the amount it takes for a visitor to navigate away from your site after reading only one page or piece of content. Google analytics can help you determine the effectiveness and readability of your content to ensure that your visitors stick around for a while.

Tip #2: Use headers and sub-headers

Headers and sub-headers separate your content into chunks that makes it easier to read. Of course, the flow of the content must be natural. This is known as the inverted pyramid style of writing. Start with the most important details, then break down the topic into lesser important details, and then finally, general information. Remember that today’s users want information quickly, concisely, and accurately expressed.

Tip #3:  Make use of bullets when needed

Instead of large amounts of text, make use of bullets when necessary to enhance your SEO formatting skills. Not only are bullet lists effective in disseminating information to the viewer, but it’s easier to skim and read than wordy content. That said, limit use to one set of bullet points per page and try to keep those lists limited to 10 bullets or less.

Tip #4: Design the website, blog, or page with adequate white space

To reduce the density of written content, remember to keep paragraphs short and separated by white space. White space enhances the readability factor and reduces the effort to read long-winded paragraphs, whether on a blog or an informational site. Don’t hesitate to use your ‘Enter’ or ‘Return key’ to do this. There is a general rule of thumb that you should have more than one sentence in a paragraph. That doesn’t mean they have to be long. Aim for between three and five sentences in order to enhance readability.

Tip #5: Keep your formatting consistent

Use the same format to organize the pages of your blog or website. That means using the same font and the same size. When it comes to sentence structure, like the paragraphs, keep them relatively short. Of course, your target audience will come into play with such structure. When it comes to font size, test out your content on numerous devices to ensure proper scale on each device. Background and color choices also have an influence on readability, but for SEO formatting for readability, keep these primary 5 tips in mind when creating your content.

SEO company in Indianapolis would be glad to help you format for readability and consistency.

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