5 Remarkable Tips for Car Purchasing

Whether you want to buy a family-friendly SUV or want to enjoy exciting rides of a coupe, we can move you through the car buying experience. Below, we are going to share valuable information with you that can come in handy when you go to begin your car buying journey.

Identify and Evaluate Your Transportation Needs

Identifying you’re driving needs is a crucial thing when it comes to making a car purchase. Our transportation needs to keep on changing. When you are unmarried, you can enjoy fun rides in a sports car or coupe but when you have a family, you have to make the decision more practically and logically.

So, the first step is to evaluate your needs. Here, we have garnered the most practical question you should ask yourself before you begin the buying process:

What is the size of your family? Even if you don’t have a family, how many people do you usually go out and about with?
On what type of terrain, do you usually drive? Is it road or off-road?
When do you need an all-wheel drive, a four-wheel drive or a two-wheel drive?
What features are you expecting from your car? Do you want leather seats, Android Autoplay or Apple CarPlay?
What safety features do you want in your car? For instance, the Honda Sensing provides modern features to its customers including: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM).
Are you going to need any cargo space? Think about the kid’s bicycle or grocery shopping.
Do you need a car that can tow?
Where do you park your car and what size car can you afford?

Set Your Budget

Whether you are paying cash for your car or you are buying a car on monthly instalments, you need to think practically about your car purchase budget. A wrong decision will put a lot of strain on you.

A common general rule that is considered worldwide is that the monthly payment should not exceed 15% of your salary or income. Whether you are buying a new car or a used car, try to keep your monthly spending on a car below 15%. Don’t forget about insurance, monthly maintenance charges and fuel cost.

Setting a budget beforehand can help you make the decision prudently and logically.

Consider the Cost of Ownership

Some vehicles seem cheaper from while buying them, but when you calculate the real cost of ownership, they turn out to be expensive.

For instance, two SUVs like Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 can seem similar in price. But one of these cars depreciate at a much faster rate than others or have more maintenance costs in the long term.

We have personally found out Honda Cars to be less vulnerable when it comes to depreciation.

Consider Other Cars in the Class

Have you already made up your mind? Do you have your heart set on one vehicle?

Today, thousands of cars are manufactured every day. Automobile manufacturers like Honda Bahrain are introducing new innovative features like Magic Seats in Honda HR-V which can be folded up or down as per your convenience to make the cargo space more flexible.

We would recommend you to always go through cars in different categories comprehensively. A sedan may be a good option for you as it can accommodate five passengers, but did you know you can buy an SUV like Honda-CRV at less price? Offering greater fuel-efficiency, the Compact SUVs have more space than their sedan counterparts and provide extensive cargo space.

Set Up a Test-Drive in Advance to Save Your Time

After you have chosen a car by doing a lot of research, it is now time to set up a test drive by contacting a car dealer. You can either email them or call them directly on their phone number.

The reasons we emphasise on booking a test drive in advance is the fact that many car dealers waste a lot of time when you ask them for a test run.

While taking the test-drive, focus on the drive and avoid distractions.

By following these simple tips, you can make your car purchasing process a lot simpler and easier!

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