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5 Reasons Women Should Drink Less Alcohol

There is no sensation like that feeling of wine slowly working its magic. But even if it’s soothing for the moment, it can have repercussions if not taken in moderation.

Both men and women are affected by alcohol, but women feel the effects of excessive drinking more heavily than men. Studies show that women develop alcohol-related problems much sooner than men. As such, it’s essential to manage our drinking.

In this article, we will discuss why women consume alcohol and five reasons why they should drink less.

Why Women Consume Alcohol

Like men, women have several reasons for indulging in alcohol consumption. Some of the most prominent reasons are either: to boost their confidence in a social gathering, to sleep better, to relieve them of stress, or to forget about a pending issue, to name a few. Like any other adult, there are just too many reasons to point out a specific one. 

However, we can still look at some key examples of reasons that lead to excessive drinking. Other reasons women might drink alcohol include:

  • Alcohol use is more common among women who are experiencing relationship difficulties.
  • Women who have never been married, divorced, or separated have a higher risk of developing alcohol use disorder.
  • As a general rule, women whose spouses have alcoholism are more prone to suffer from similar problems.
  • Many sexually abused women also have problems controlling their drinking.

Drinking is a natural part of our society, for better or worse. But there are many compelling reasons why we should manage our drinking better.

5 Reasons Women Should Drink Less Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to women’s health. In addition to heart disease, alcohol poses other numerous health risks to women, including fertility issues and a higher risk of developing cancer. 

The following are five major reasons why women should drink less alcohol:

  • To avoid cancer 

Breast cancer risk may be elevated in women who suffer from alcohol use disorders. It is mainly believed that there is an association between heavy alcohol use and increased cancer risk.

The likelihood of getting cancer increases in proportion to one’s alcohol consumption.

According to the Million Women Study conducted by Oxford University, which included data from over 1.3 million women between the ages of 25 and 75, it is projected that there are 11 more cases of breast cancer for every 1,000 women in industrialized countries who drink alcohol daily.

Cancers of the liver, intestines, mouth, esophagus (gullet), and larynx are only some of the many that are made more likely by alcohol consumption (voice box).

The best option to avoid this disease is to reduce alcohol intake or abstain completely.

  • To reduce the risk of premature pregnancy or stillbirth

Some pregnant women indulge in alcohol, which is toxic to their health and the baby’s health. The danger of injury to the unborn child from alcohol consumption increases with the amount of alcohol consumed and can occur at any time throughout pregnancy. To be on the safe side, doctors advise against any alcohol consumption at all during pregnancy.

You are less likely to harm your unborn child if you drank only a few drinks before discovering you were pregnant and stopped drinking altogether after discovering your condition. If you’re anxious about anything, it’s best to consult your doctor or midwife.

  • To slow the aging process and have healthier skin

As we all know, aging is a normal process as it is part of growth. Losing muscle and gaining some weight is attached to aging, especially for women who have reached menopause. These women experience specific hormonal changes that trigger a lack of sleep and sweating. But this can get worse or turn out worse if the woman struggles with their alcohol consumption. 

Women in their menopause often have thinner bones, and taking lots of alcohol can give room for a bone disease called “Osteoporosis.” This disease weakens the bone making it fragile and having the tendency to break.

  • To look their best

The fact that drinking alters women’s physical appearance is another reason they should cut back. Ill-kempt impressions, including excessive weight gain, red eyes, acne, etc., are common among people who suffer from alcohol use disorders. Alcohol makes you look worse; there’s no getting around that.

All the symptoms above can be attributed to alcohol-induced sleep deprivation alone. Since alcohol disrupts the body’s natural sleep cycle, those who imbibe frequently find that they look and feel hungover when they finally emerge from their slumber. To achieve that dewy look that every woman covets, avoiding alcohol is essential—taking vitamins and nutrients necessary for your skin away from it.

It’s understandable why alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain, given that some drinks are high in calories. As an additional harmful effect, alcohol lowers the amount of fat your body uses as fuel. To get rid of the alcohol as rapidly as possible, the body will prioritize eliminating it above other processes like food absorption and fat oxidation because alcohol is toxic to cells.

  • To maintain their fertility

Another reason a woman should reduce or do away with alcohol is the fertility issues it causes. Research has proven that even the slightest intake of alcohol reduces a woman’s chance of conceiving. It’s recommended that women trying to have a baby avoid drinking alcohol because of the disruption it causes to a woman’s menstrual cycle. 


It is essential for a woman’s health to reduce or stop drinking alcohol. The earlier you get a hold of it, the better for you. Alcohol use disorders are primarily a personal problem for you, but the consequences will still affect your loved ones and those around you.

The first step toward recovery is acknowledging the existence of a problem. You’re more likely to struggle with alcohol if there’s a history of alcohol use disorder in your family. If you suffer from an alcohol use disorder, you might consider tracking your drinks using an alcohol tracker. If you suspect you have an alcohol problem, go to your doctor.

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