5 places to include in your Adventurous Spiti Valley Tour

Spiti is undoubtedly heaven on earth. Some refer to it as “Little Tibet” and describe its “cold mountains of the desert” by others. Spiti is believed to be a journey of spirituality through many monasteries and civilizations in which you can enjoy peace and tranquility and unwind. This beautiful treasure of Himachal provides surprises for any trip you’ve ever had in your thoughts, regardless of its numerous tourist attractions or activities to be found within Spiti Valley.

Spiti, one of the coldest regions in India, is famous for its snow-capped mountain ranges and significant snowfalls, treks, and monasteries. If you’re looking to plan an excursion with family or friends, We have compiled an extensive collection of Spiti Valley travel plans. You can also check out Thrillophilia Reviews for making this trip more amazing.

Spiti’s topography is unique and varied with various terrains, from barren, sparsely planted slopes to lush meadows, flowing rivers at the foot of mountains, glacier-covered snow passes, and vibrant Buddhist temples to tiny towns. The surrounding area is clean, and the blue sky appears clear. Assuming you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, think about climbing. Whatever group you’re with, our fully customizable spiti valley tours guarantee a memorable experience which includes the best local cuisine!

Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park houses the threatened Himalayan snow leopard and its prey, the Ibex. The most notable feature in Pin Valley National Park is the magnificent hike. Beautiful flowers, sunny weather and miles of peace and quietness combine to create this stunning valley where one can go to be lost. The trek is thrilling and thrilling since it’s covered in snow for most of the season.  The region is additionally the home of Siberian Ibex, Bharal, red fox, weasel and marten. Although foreigners aren’t allowed to visit, Indian citizens must get permission. In order to make your travel affordable and comfortable, we recommend you to use zingbus – bus booking service.

Dhankar Monastery

It’s perched at the cliff’s edge and offers views over its Spiti valley. Dhankar Monastery was built over a millennium ago on a mountain that was 1000 feet high with a breathtaking view of the juncture between two rivers, and the Spiti and the Pin rivers and is among the 100 most endangered places. According to the legend, by burning the chunmei in this monastery, your desire will come to fruition without a doubt. When you return, you will find shepherds with their herds of cattle. Each year, the monastery celebrates an annual celebration dedicated to peace, happiness, and prosperity during July. Cham Dance, a masked dance performed by the Lamas, is a significant festival element.

Suraj Tal

Suraj Tal Lake is India’s third-largest lake. It is believed that taking a bath in Suraj Tal Lake washes a person of their sins. It is a popular destination for a significant number of people and is considered to be a spiritual experience. The primary reason for the lake’s attraction is that it’s located close to the famous Manali-Leh trail, which is well-known for its cycling and hiking adventures, and the Baralacha La Pass. Suraj Tae is the perfect spot to visit if you’re looking for a long-distance trip on the road, hiking or even riding. The unspoiled beauty of the emerald-green Suraj Tal Lake is also an ideal spot to snap photographs worthy of postcards.Checkout Thrillophilia Reviews for better ideas.

Key Monastery

The Key Monastery in the Lahaul and Spiti District is a well-known Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It is the longest-running and biggest of the monasteries in Spiti Valley. The sanctuary is home to a collection of old-fashioned literature and artwork and Buddha idols of the Dhyana pose. When you first enter the magnificent monastery, you’ll be awed by its breathtaking murals and paintings that show 14th-century monastic structures influenced by Chinese culture. The rare texts, the unusual wind instruments, Buddha statues, and a fantastic collection of weapons used to fight off intruders and defend this monastery are also well-known. Many pilgrims and devotees visit from all over the globe to find peace and inner peace in the sanctuary.

Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake is one of India’s most beautiful lakes and one of only two Ramsar places in the world. Chandratal Lake is thought to be situated near the spot in which the chariot of God Indra was able to pick up Yudhishthira, the oldest one of the Pandava brothers in the epic poem Mahabharata. As the day progresses, the color of the water in this holy lake changes from reddish to blue, orange, and finally, emerald-green. The lake is slowly increasing to become one of the top popular tourist spots throughout The Spiti valley, offering an escape from the hectic pace of urban life.


Kaza is a serene resort situated in the Spiti Valley in the beautiful Indian state known as Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful region is no less than heaven on earth, featuring stunning landscape, stunning snow-covered mountains, sparkling streams and flowing rivers. The area also functions as an ideal base camp for those looking for activities like trekking and climbing. Tourists flock here to try the adventure sports and explore many Buddhist places, but they are also interested in exploring the tiny villages in the vicinity of Kaza town, which offer an exciting and memorable experience. Read Thrillophilia Reviews for making an informed decision.

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