5 Most Popular Sunglasses to Try-On 

Styling yourself won’t be complete with a pair of sunglasses that complements your style greatly. Sunglasses aren’t just there to make you look sharper, but it’s also important to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

With that in mind, maui jim sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement. Thus, it’s also important to choose the right pair that suits your fashion, the shape of your face, and your lifestyle. 

If you’re planning to add more sunnies to your current collection, we have listed down some of the best and most popular types of sunglasses that you might find interesting. 


This pair of sunglasses is what makes sunglasses popular and iconic fashion accessory. Wayfarers were first used in the 1950s and have never been out of style until today. These vintage sunglasses offer a lot of style and glint regardless of your fashion preferences. Wayfarers also do very well with different face shapes, so it’s always the go-to choice for most people. Wayfarers cover your eyes completely, which is a good choice for eye protection. 


Along with wayfarers, another vintage style sunglass that is equally popular as the former are aviators. The aviator sunglasses were introduced in the market and fashion world by Bausch & Lomb. It has a distinct oval lens that narrows close to the bridge of the nose. It has a distinct gold-coloured top bar design on the browline to give you that vintage look. Similar to wayfarers, aviators are ideal for different kinds of styles and often complements different outfits. Aviators are perfect for people with the elongated face because of its perfectly round lenses that emphasizes the eyes. 

Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are performance-designed sunglasses that athletes wear during training and competition. As you’ve noticed cyclists, triathletes, baseball players, and golfers wear sports sunglasses to have better vision in different weather conditions. 

The lenses are made from top-quality materials that are scratch proof, waterproof, and anti-fog features. Meanwhile, the frames wrap around the head to prevent the sunglasses from falling off from the frequent movement during training or competition.

Sports sunglasses are very similar to wrap around shades with curved frames that perfectly fit and wrap around the head. Wrap-around sunglasses are also stylish and fit well with different face shapes. 

Square Shaped Sunglasses

Fashionistas completely know this type of sunglasses that have extra-large square-shaped lenses that are very fashionable. Of course, since it comes with extra-large lenses, square-shaped sunglasses offer you extra UV protection. Square shaped sunglasses usually have equal lens size on all edges that perfectly sits on the nose. Fashionistas prefer to wear these sunglasses to add style on their outfit. People with round-shaped faces also look great on these sunglasses. 

Round-Shaped Sunglasses

Round-shaped sunglasses are similar to wayfarers and aviators; the only difference is that it has completely-round lenses. The lens shape gives you a sharp gothic look that is perfect for formal occasions. Same as other sunglasses, it also offers excellent UV protection and comes in different colours and styles. Round-shaped sunglasses are perfect for people who have a straight face because of the round-shaped lenses.  

Now that you’re done reading this post, we’re pretty sure that you’ve widened your choices of sunglasses to add to your collection! A simple reminder, though, when buying a pair of sunglasses, always consider the quality and price. It’s not always the brand and price tag that determines the sunglasses’ quality, so do research, check reviews, and ask for recommendations before buying.

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